Angry Birds blast is a puzzle matching game that is free-to-play video games. Bandai Namco Studios developed this game and was published by Rovio Entertainment under the Angry Birds franchise. The game was released on December 22, 2016. Angry Birds dream blast can be played on Android devices and iPhone. At present, the game has had several interactions with the publishers and developers. Angry Birds dream blast has a very good rating and has 4.7 stars out of 5.

Macworld said that this game offers better quality in terms of adapting to android devices for several puzzles based on colour. Angry Birds is a decent game that can be played even by amateur players. It is also considered to be a generic balloon video game that is popping up with an Angry Birds theme. The game makes you feel happy and joyful as it offers the gamers soft puzzles creating amazing names at the beginning of the game.

What is the game?

Angry Birds blast is quite similar to balloon matching games and tile-matching games. In Angry Birds blast, The Balloons disappeared from the game field. Balloons are arranged into groups that adjoin the same colour.

Initially, the game is segmented into various levels with a specific aim. The player will be in a position to identify specific Birds that balloon-shaped which pops up on the game field. The game not only has bird-shaped balloons but also has bird-shaped bubbles pigs that appear to the player in the game field. The player will also have to encounter several obstacles to win the game.

This game is quite challenging as it involves puzzle solving. But it can be challenging and interesting for the player to solve puzzles that are based on colours. This is fascinating as it looks vibrant and colourful. The puzzles in this game are not very hard to solve. It requires a little amount of practice to get a hold of the puzzle-solving skill.

The board in this game contains glass panels and wood that act as a major obstacle for the player to overcome. There is something called power-ups in this game that can be earned by the player by clearing more balloons. Power-ups can be advantageous to the player and will help him to score more points. The player can also try utilizing row clearing and column clearing rockets which will, in turn, add value to the gamers’ scorecard.

The game offers a laser and a bomb which will help the player to discard balloons of the same colour at a time. This is a wonderful tool for the player to attack and make additional moves.

Boosters are something that offers more edge to the player in terms of completing the levels with ease. You can also purchase gold coins and silver coins earned during the game. The players can also purchase coins through micro transactions. Angry Birds Blast can be fascinating and interesting for kids. The game keeps the player engaged throughout without causing boredom.

About Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK

Angry Birds blast is an Adventure game in which you will have to solve a lot of puzzles. It not only involves solving puzzles but also has a fun element as the player will have to bust balloons. In Angry Birds blast, the game involves birds that have been trapped inside the balloons. The players will be in a position to bust the balloon and release the birds out of it. The game expects the player to use their balloon busting skills and outsmart the pigs to save the birds.

When the player successfully saves the birds then the player will get a reward for the everyday quest. Everyday quest is very interesting as it increases the player to complete the mission every day and releases more birds from the balloon-shaped pigs. The game also offers weekly challenges and monthly puzzle challenges for the players to burst the balloon.

Features of Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK

Angry Birds blast can make a person instantly attractive and it is very easy to play. The game offers the players amazing features. The gamer will have to tap on the balloons that have matching colours and start the blasting process. Some of the notable features of Angry Birds blast are mentioned below

  • Boosted blasting 

Boosted blasting is one of the key features of the game. It helps the players to make use of something called a balloon obliterating to blast the balloons. The number of balloons the players blast is directly proportional to the increase in the points of the gamers’ scorecard. Boosted blasting provides the players with laser guns, bombs, and rockets to blast the bird-shaped balloons. By doing so, the players will release the birds one by one from the pigs.

  • Pesky Piggies 

As we all know pigs are the main opponents in the Angry Birds Blast game. There are plenty of pigs in the game that comes along the way to disturb the game of and to cage the birds. The main role of the player is to overcome the hurdles given by the pigs, blast the balloons and save the birds. Blasting the balloons will enable the player to send the pigs by packing them.

  • Puzzle Chase 

Puzzles are another key aspect that cannot be ignored in Angry Birds Blast games. The game offers the players interesting and challenging puzzles that keep the player engaged throughout the game. The player will have to match the colour of the tiles with that of the under the by solving the puzzles. Most of the puzzles in this game are quite easy to solve. Puzzle-solving skills can be eventually developed by regularly playing this game.

  • Various types of challenges

The game offers the players with daily challenges, weekly challenges, and monthly challenges. This feature of the game encourages the player to play the game regularly. This enables the players to earn boosters and rewards that are free. There are also weekly events organized by the game such as treasure hunt, Mighty league, and much more.

To put it in a nutshell, Angry Birds Blast can be played by anyone for relaxation and also to enhance your mood. The game can be played even by amateur players. Keep in mind that the main task of the game is to outsmart the pigs and save the birds. The game can be effectively played smartly solving the puzzles.

Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK Download

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How many levels are there in Angry Birds blast in MOD APK version?

There are a total of 444 levels in the Angry Birds blast in the MOD APK version.

Who is considered to be the most powerful bird in the Angry Birds blast MOD APK version?

The Mighty Eagle is the strongest bird in the Angry Birds MOD APK version.

What is the main purpose of silver coins in the Angry Birds blast MOD APK version?

Silver coins can be used by the players to buy boosters which will allow them to head start at each level in the MOD APK version.

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