Antihero is a turn-based strategy video game that was originally developed for desktop platforms. The game is however now available for Android smartphones and hence, delighting every mobile gamer. In this game, players enjoy taking the role of thieves that control the underworld of the metropolis. To make sure you remain in charge, you have to perform bold thefts from businesses, banks, and houses. As the game progresses, you have to recruit new members to your group, train them and plan out ways for expanding your control. 

When the game was released it gained immense popularity among critics and gamers. The game is even played to date. If you haven’t have played the game yet, it’s time to grab your hands on this! 

What is Antihero? 

The game takes place in a popular metropolitan city, bustling with people and their busy schedules. The city is inhabited by rich aristocrats and has bank lockers full of gold and other precious jewels. The city also hosts the largest casino in the world. All major illegal activities take place at night. This is the best place for notorious thieves to loot and try their luck. The city experiences it all robbery, invasion, and even murder! There’s nothing at which the thieves stop. 

We have already discussed what Antihero is all about. The best part is that developers have released the mod APK version of this game with added features and perks! Thus, playing Antihero mod APK is far more engaging and interesting. The modded version however maintains the same storyline as the original one. The game includes four aspects, expansion, exploration, development, and elimination. The game takes place in the 19th-century world, incorporating appropriate graphics to enhance the gaming ambiance. To know more about the modded version, continue to read below. 

About Antihero mod APK

Antihero is a brilliantly developed tactical game that has the right mixture of management. As we already mentioned, players play as thieves and gradually take control of all underworld activities. You train others so that they can do random works for you. Your task is to loot and terrorise people by breaking into banks, casinos, real estate businesses, and whatnot. Of course, you have to reach there before your opponents loot the place. The game isn’t without ugly fights. At the end of the game, the gang with the greatest loot will be the winner. If you aren’t willing to lose, you have to be fast and strategic. Antihero also has an online multiplayer mode where different players are paired to run the underworld together. Besides that, playing with friends is a lot more fun! 

Players, playing as ambitious villains have the task of looting and expanding their underworld business. The modded version of Antihero is an interesting role-playing game in which thieves roaming around, fighting against one another. The game focuses on tactics and strategies. While you play the modded version, you would realise that most of the game produces a beautiful gaming experience, with realistic characters and skills. The gameplay too is praiseworthy. It’s a free game of war chests. 

The modded version offers different levels of the game, each with different locations. Also, the buildings at different levels are different. So are the rewards and points. Everything about the modded version is beautiful-the maps, characters architecture of the buildings, and the soundtrack. The randomness of the game’s content is another attractive feature of the game. The modded version gives players the freedom of customising their gaming styles.

Features of Antihero APK

Are you ready to become a feared and revered leader of the underworld? If yes, quickly download Antihero, a fast-paced role-playing strategy video game. The game involves elements of strategy, cunning, stealth, and murders. The features of the game make it more interesting and engaging. Below enlisted are some of them. 

  • Diversity in the character system

The game’s character system is broad and diverse. Players get dozens of character choices to select from. Every character comes with different roles and power. Hence, select a character strategically. Not just the range of characters is diverse but also is the architecture of the place. Every different level has different buildings. The location also changes accordingly. You can find restaurants, casinos, banks, churches, business organisations, etc. The change in architecture asks players to be quick in choosing suitable tactics for exploiting the most.

  • Impressive graphics 

Gamers are immensely impressed with the graphics of this place. The game incorporates beautiful 2.5D style visuals which make the neighbourhood look realistic and fun. The game depicts looting in a similar humorous manner. Everything about Antihero APK is fun, entertaining, and enjoyable. 

  • One goal, multiple foes

Get ready to loot buildings and casinos and engage in tough fights with opponents. Make sure to be fast so that you can gather most of the loot and emerge victoriously. Play with friends in the online multiplayer mode to have more fun. 

  • Challenge friends in PvP mode

The modded version of Antihero APK also allows people to invite players to play battles against one another. Surprisingly, players can customise house rules and tailor the game as per their tastes!  

  • Control the city, take what’s yours

This game is about control. To retain your stronghold over the underworld businesses, you have to be fast and ruthless sometimes. Infiltrate businesses, set traps, and gather the most you can. Make sure the city’s riches are yours. 

  • Intense battles

Sometimes players engage in tough fights, even murdering the opponent in the end. Make sure you are well equipped. Upgrade your guild, hire thugs, recruit street urchins and rule a gang. Blackmail, bribe, or even assassinate the opposition. Stop at nothing. 

  • Manage a healthy economy

You must invest your riches at the right time to improve your underworld business. You can hire players, upgrade your skills, buy new weapons and equipment, etc. 

When the game was released, the modded version got favourable reviews from major critics and gamers. Most attractive about the modded version is the innumerable perks that come with it. It makes the game much easier and enhances one’s gaming experience. 

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Is the modded version worthy of playing?

Yes, the modded version has more content to offer to players that aren’t available in the original one. Hence, the game’s definitely worth giving a try.

Is the Mod version available for free?

Yes, the modded version can be downloaded for free on your android device.

Is the mod version safe?

Yes, if you download the mod version, your device would be safe. It’s tested and experimented with before.

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