App Cloner is one of the most popular applications. It provides incredible features to the users. These days when the work is done from home, one would require using the applications for official purposes. But, with the cloned apps, you would be able to separate your work from your personal space. Well, if you are intrigued with this application then continue reading further. 

The post below will highlight all the significant information about this application that one should know before giving a shot. It will also be shedding some light on the list of features offered by the App Cloner Premium APK application. Hence, keep on reading if you wish to know all about the application in a nutshell. 

What is App Cloner Premium?

App Cloner is an incredible application. This application allows the users to install as well as create many copies of the Android applications. The application creates independent, installable, and true APK clones. Interestingly, one can use multiple accounts for different applications on the same device. The overall functioning of this application is impressive. App Cloner’s user interface is divided into 3 significant parts that are accessible through the navigation bar at the bottom: Purchases, Clones, and Apps. 

The App section of this application will be presenting all the original applications that you have on your device. Well, this does not mean that every app would be available for cloning. Hence, only those applications that can be cloned will be displayed here. There is another tab that shows currently installed applications which is known as the installed app tab. Once the applications are cloned and installed. You would then be directed to another page that will allow you to give a file name for the application that has been installed for cloning. 

When you share the application bundle, the application would automatically generate a ZIP archive that contains the cloned APK files. Hence, once the cloning process gets completed, you would then be asked to install your cloned application on your device. But, you would need permission from the App Cloner application for the same. Now, as soon as the app is installed, you will have to tap on the option of Launch for opening the cloned application for further use. This was in a nutshell all about App Cloner application. Let us move forwards to understand what the Premium apk version of this application has to offer. 

About App Cloner Premium APK 

App Cloner Premium Apk is an incredible application that offers an additional set of features to the users. The Premium Apk version of this application makes it more interesting and exciting. More surprisingly, this application does not charge anything for providing an endless list of features to the users. They would not be required to pay even a penny for using this application. This version is a modified or an updated version of the original application. With the apk version, the users will get all the premium features free of the cot. 

Many features in the App Cloner are locked up. The users could use them only when they have a premium account. But, with the apk version, the users will be able to unlock all these additional sets of features as well. In addition to the app being free, it also prevents the taking of screenshots to provide complete safety and privacy. There are several other features that the new version provides. All of these features will be discussed in the next section. So, continue reading further to get a deeper understanding of the features offered by the application. 

Features of App Cloner Premium APK 

App Cloner is indeed one of the most impressive and popular applications. It offers incredible features to the users. Interestingly, App Cloner Premium APK is one step ahead of the App Cloner application. This Premium APK provides enormous features. Some of them have been highlighted below. Go through the below section to get an overview of the application before installing it for further use. 

  • Floating applications

One of the incredible features of the application is the free-form of the window. This will help the users in easy accessibility of the application. With the floating application, the work becomes easier, simple, and more importantly less time-consuming. If you have too many applications to handle then this option will provide you the best experience. 

  • Prevents screenshot

Interestingly, this new version of Premium Apk will also prevent any kind of screenshots. This will hence provide a great amount of safety to you. The privacy that one needs is provided for specified applications. This feature has the capacity of attracting most people as privacy is what everyone seeks these days. 

  • Hide location

Well added to the last feature, the application also provides another equally significant feature that will ensure complete safety as well as privacy. You will be able to hide your applications and unhide them whenever you wish to use them. When you clone an application, you could also hide it if you so desire. The application would provide the hiding location. 

  • Change the icon

App Cloner Premium APK offers the users yet another exciting feature. This feature provides them full control over the different applications. Well, you would be able to change the icon of the launched application if you so desire. You have this option where you can change the icon of the cloned application launcher. This will help you customise your applications as per your preferences and requirements. 

  • Premium features 

The above-mentioned features are some of the features that the Premium Apk provides. In addition to that, there are several other in-built features that Premium provides. These features might include Custom time zone, disabling the accessibility access, and others. The users will also get some additional features that will enrich their experience. 

App Cloner Premium Apk is an incredible application that offers equally amazing features. If you wish to get this application then do not delay any further. This application will not charge you even a penny. It is completely free to use. So, do you see any reason why you should not use this application now? Install the application and start enjoying the amazing list of features offered by it. 

App Cloner Premium MOD APK Download

Name App Cloner Premium
Last Updated
2 June 2021
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Requires Android
4.1 and up
Current Version
Category Games >Libraries & Demo

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How To Download App Cloner Premium Mod On Android Instructions

  • Step 1: Go To Settings > Security > Unknown Sources
  • Step 2: Turn On Unknown Sources As Above Image
  • Step 3: Click On Download Button above
  • Step 4: You Will Be Redirected To Our Download Page
  • Step 5: Download & Install App Cloner Premium Mod APK For Free
  • Step 6: After Completing The Installation You Can Enjoy the App Cloner Premium Mod For free


Is App Cloner the best application for cloning?

Yes, App Cloner indeed is the best application for cloning.

Is the process of using this application a bit complex?

No, the user interface of this application is completely simple and easy.

Is it completely legal to use App Cloner applications?

Yes, it is completely legal to use the App Cloner application.

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