If your life-long dream had been to serve the state or nation in which you have been residing by defending it against the horde of enemies, then this game is definitely for you. This means that the game Attack on Titan TACTICS APK is one of the best real-time strategy games in which the player has to defend different locations against the upcoming enemy attack of titans.

The game shares a similar plot as famous books and movie plots revolving around the attack of titans. It has interactive gameplay. Moreover, the player has to come up with strategic moves to defeat hordes of enemies and lead his or her army to glory. Developed by DeNA, the game has all the ingredients to make you fight for your homeland and shed the blood of the titans until the end. 

What is the game?

Attack on Titan TACTICS APK is an action game in which the player can experience the feeling of fighting epic battles and killing the ferocious titans, which have been threatening to destroy the entire human race. The game reflects a story of the past in which the titans, around 100 years ago were on the brink of finishing the entire human race. This led to the surviving race to build three protective citadels for restricting the giants.

However, after around a complete century the titan has been able to destroy a part of the citadels and threaten human existence once again. The chief characters of the game Eren and Mikasa lose their mother to the titans and pledge to end this evil force by bringing back peace to the world. Therefore, download the Attack on Titan TACTICS APK and serve your planet for the good of humanity.

About Attack on Titan TACTICS APK

The APK version of the game Attack on Titan TACTICS provides free access to the entire game at once without having to worry about the unlocking of the different characters. This means that you can play various locations at once and do not have to wait for the game to open procedurally. Moreover, the game also has a series of moves in the APK version, which can be effectively used to defeat enemies.

Furthermore, there are other essential features available in the game like the presence of an energy bar called gas. The major purpose of the game is to motivate your army and call for them on the battlefield to fight the titans. The APK version of the game also lets you get to access different figures and characters who have different fighting skills and powers. 

Features of the APK

There are some attractive features of the game Attack on Titan TACTICS APK, which adds an extra edge to the game and makes it more interesting and fun to play. Let us look at some of the features. 

  • Unlimited Gaming Modes

In the APK version of the game, you do not have to worry about accumulating enough experience points for unlocking all the game modes at once. This means that you will be able to play all the game modes namely the Story Mode, Character Episodes, and the time-framed events.

  • Unlock a Swarm of Characters

The game Attack on Titan TACTICS APK has an endless list of characters, which have been designed beautifully with a unique background story. These characters make the game fun and appealing to play. There are around 50 characters available in the game, each with a unique voice-over. 

  • Unlimited Upgrades

This is another unique feature of the APK version of the game. This means that the APK version provides unlimited upgrades to each of the characters. This means that you can develop your troops to fight a particular kind of titan with a specific fighting style. This feature makes the game more exciting to play

  • Unlimited Rewards and Coins

Lastly, the APK version of the game unlocks a huge number of rewards like skip tickets, which lets you skip different stages on exchange with material goods. The in-app purchases also become free in the APK version. 

The chief target of the game is protecting the wall against the titans. If the wall of the citadel, which you are protecting, falls, then the game will be over and you will have failed your mission. Therefore, buckle up your battle skills and play the game today to protect your keen and the citadel wall.

Attack On Titan TACTICS MOD APK Download

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Is the game available in English?

Yes, the game was initially available in Japanese, but with the latest upgrades, it is now available in English.

Are all the chapters available in the latest APK version of the game?

Yes, all the chapters are available in the latest APK version of the game.

What is the storage size of the game?

The storage size of the game is 96 MB.

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