Tired of being the good guys? Good guys are a little bit shallow don’t you think. They just have one layer to them. The bad guys? No, they are the ones who are experiencing real adventure. So if you ever want to take a break from this good guy campaign then we have a game that you could try out. Auto Theft Gangsters is the name of the game that we are talking about. 

This game is often and she was with Grand auto theft. But this game is much more compact than Grand Theft Auto. It has how much more focused aim and new features to offer to the players. Today we are not only going to talk about just the game, though. We are also going to take a look at the features that the apk file of the game has to offer to the players. So then, sit tight and start scrolling.

About the game

It is thanks to Doodle Mobile, the publisher of the game, that we can enjoy such an amazing game. The game belongs to the genre of role-playing games that makes it even more interesting. 

The location of Auto Theft Gangsters in the city of Liberty, a spot loaded with hoodlums, criminals, road possess. Consistently, there are numerous conflicts of cash and force occurring around here. Also, exercises like illicit exchanging, retribution, and so on are not uncommon in the area.

You are just a youngster who has moved in. No one figures you can change the destiny of Liberty. Your possibility has come. This city has no guidelines, no limitations. The most powerful person out there is the person who takes on the reins in the end. The fittest is the one that survives till the end. You can do all kinds of missions like plundering, battling groups, in any event, executing notorious managers to support your position in the hidden world. Cause Liberty to turn into your criminal city with your own hands. 

In Auto Theft Gangsters, you will be a genuine criminal. At first, you can just do some little assignments to get cash just as having joined with different possess. Start with ransacking a vehicle, purchasing a weapon, executing some cheat burglars in your way, or something other of the sorts. You have had an ideal beginning to your criminal vocation.

The game has many amazingly troublesome missions hanging tight for you in the front. Show them who the main Gangster of this city is! Claim your authority! 

About the apk file 

Apk files are known for the unlimited amount of resources that they can provide you. You see, in some games to get to enjoy some of the top features or as they say the premium features only when you get past a particular level or gathers a certain amount of currencies in the game. 

But with apk files, you do not have to wait for that long. You can get access to all the features of the game just like that. The apk versions are known for the limitless measure of assets that they can give you. 

It is also super easy to download. You can just click on the link that says you can install the apk file from there or even get the game from the play store. 

In this case, for instance, the apk file of the game provides you with infinite currencies and with all the skills that you could ask for. Use those currencies to get yourself better weapons. Show off your new skills. Get further ahead in the game than anyone else.

Features of the game

To be the favourite of the audience and remain so, you need to work hard. Well, the developers of Auto theft Gangsters sure knew that. They have infused some of the best features in the game that will let the players enjoy the game and get into it. Want to see what the game brings to the table? Then keep scrolling!

  • Infinite currencies

The apk file lets you have access to an infinite amount of currency. To buy new weapons you will need money. The indefinite amount of currencies would automatically mean that you get to buy more weapons and more importantly, even better weapons. It’s time for you to slay! 

  • Wide variety of weapons to choose from

Auto Theft Gangsters are brimming with weapons of your decision as straightforward as rifles, shotguns, or even a bazooka. Utilize the weapon that best suits your main goal. Use them as you like and when you like. These weapons, along with your thinking skills, of course, will help you get ahead in the game, defeat your rivals and emerge as the most powerful gangster out there. 

  • No rules

Be it costly vehicles or the latest weapons, be it killing someone or be it smashing someone in the head, there are no rules that you need to abide by in Liberty. You can even claim a tank or a helicopter for yourself. Additionally, remember to dress the character in cool garments. You get to customise your character the way you like. Always had an idea about how an ideal gangster should look like? Give your idea a shape with this amazing game. 

  • 3d graphics

Graphics play an important part in role-playing games. In the case of Auto Theft Gangsters, the 3D designs of the game along with the realistic sound effects call for a great gaming session. Even the city map is quite realistic, including gambling clubs, shopping centres, and so on. It involves you within the game, which again is a very important aspect for a role-playing game, more so a gangster game. 

Gangster games are all about taking it to the streets, acting all tough, and giving your adventurous and ruthless side a chance to shine. Bored from all those good boy games? Give your dark side a try this time then!

Auto Theft Gangsters MOD APK Download

Name Auto Theft Gangsters
Last Updated
7 April 2020
Offered by
Requires Android
4.0 and up
Current Version
Category Games >Action

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How To Download Auto Theft Gangsters On Android Instructions

  • Step 1: Go To Settings > Security > Unknown Sources
  • Step 2: Turn On Unknown Sources As Above Image
  • Step 3: Click On Download Button above
  • Step 4: You Will Be Redirected To Our Download Page
  • Step 5: Download & Install Auto Theft Gangsters Mod APK For Free
  • Step 6: After Completing The Installation You Can Enjoy the Auto Theft Gangsters Mod For free


Can Auto Theft Gangsters be played offline?

Yes, there are options regarding playing the game offline. You can get an apk file for that too! You could also get the game on Play Store.

Is the game available for android?

Yes, the game is available for android, preferably an android of 2.1 or higher.

Which languages is the game available in?

As of yet, the game is available only in the English language. The game had released just in the year 2020.

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