Do you know those pictures to which adding just a little less exposure or a little bit of a particular filter would make it even better? Yes! How beautiful they look after they get edited, right? Their charm increases to such levels by just a few strokes of your touch. It is a weird thing though, that adding the strokes is not the hard part, finding a good app that will help you add the perfect strokes to tour picture is the harder part! 

Yes, we all would agree on that, right? Well, if you are such a frustrated user who has been experimenting with editing apps for a while now, with no particular leads regarding the same, then we have an app just for you! CapCut is the name of the app we are talking about. Also, guess what? The new apk version of the file lets you enjoy the app on your android device as well! Excited to know more about the app? Then read on!

What is the app about?

The application is developed by Bytedance Pte. Ltd. and was recently updated in the year 2021. It is awesome for editing your pictures and especially your videos. 

There are not many good editing apps for android that gives you supreme performance in the first place. It is even harder to find an app that would help you to edit videos as well. But you can now kiss that frustration goodbye as CapCut MOD APK is here to help you out! 

The application is super easy to use and gives a professional touch to your edited pictures and videos. This is why you can use this application for casual as well as professional purposes. This application is built in a way to make the most of the existing resources. It works within the system of your device and enhances all of its qualities.

CapCut MOD APK has straightforward and simple features that almost anyone can use.  One of its best features is that you can even unlock the music library and impose songs in the background of the videos that you wish to edit. You can even add graphics of your choice to the videos that you make. If you wish to add some description to your videos or maybe give out some inspiring messages via the same, you can also use the feature of the app whereby you get to add texts in your videos. You can choose the font you like, and edit the texts according to your preference as well. Now, is that awesome or what?!

About the apk

What is the difference between an apk file of an application, and its original version? The main difference is that the apk version of the application will provide you with a lot many more features than the original version would.

For instance, say there is a philtre that you can able only after fulfilling a condition provided by the developers of the application. The apk version will provide you with no such limitations. You can enjoy an unlimited amount of features and resources on the app version of CapCut. 

There might still be some in-app purchases that the application might ask you to indulge in in the apk file. Also, the application will have advertisements and pop-ups. You need to be aware of them. But also, since you will be using a free version of the app, the advertisements are and will be an inevitable part of the experience. 

Also, if you are going to download the application make sure that your Android is 5.0 or above. These are the minimum system requirements that your device needs to meet before you download the application.  

Features of the apk file

As we stated a few lines back, the main advantage of using the apk version of an application is that you get access to an uncountable number of features. Not only that, apk files better the existing features of the application as well. So what are some of the features that you can enjoy upon downloading CapCut MOD APK? Let’s take a look at some of them down below. 

  • Unlocked features

Some of the features of the original version of the application remain locked and need to be purchased by you. The apk file gives you access to a lot of features and resources in the app. You can use them for free and do not need to buy them separately either.

  • A variety of filters

The major problem with most editing apps is that they do not have nearly enough and good enough filters. CapCut MOD APK however does not compromise in this aspect at all. It lets you access and enjoys as many filters as you want. You might not even be able to explore all of them!

  • Insert music

You can insert audio files or audio clips in the background of the videos that you are editing. Inserting music files makes your videos even better, and enjoyable.  You can even insert audio clips to draw more attention to a particular part of the entire clip.

  • Trim and edit your videos 

The application also provides you with a feature that allows you to trim your videos. This is exceptionally useful when you want to cut out a certain part of the video. Perhaps while filming it, you took a shot by mistake. You now want to get rid of it. This application gives you a chance to do the same.

  • Insert graphics

CapCut MOD APK also lets you insert all sorts of graphics in your videos. This makes your video more artistic and catchy. If you are editing a piece of video whose aim is to attract a lot of audiences, then this feature would help you go a long way.

  • Insert texts

If you are looking for a way to describe the events that are going on in the video or add any other sorts of descriptive texts you can use this feature of the file. This is a great way to edit inspirational videos. You can also edit the text that you enter in your video. You can change the font styles, and decide how and when the texts would appear in your video.

The features are quite simple to use. They have a simple and basic keyframe structure that can be used by anyone with the minimum knowledge of handling an Android device. So if you are interested, or were looking for such an editing app, then go ahead with this one. You would not be disappointed.

CapCut MOD APK Download

Name CapCut
Last Updated
16 April 2021
Offered by
Requires Android
5.0 and up
Current Version
Category Games >Video Players,Editors

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How To Download CapCut Mod On Android Instructions

  • Step 1: Go To Settings > Security > Unknown Sources
  • Step 2: Turn On Unknown Sources As Above Image
  • Step 3: Click On Download Button above
  • Step 4: You Will Be Redirected To Our Download Page
  • Step 5: Download & Install CapCut Mod APK For Free
  • Step 6: After Completing The Installation You Can Enjoy the CapCut Mod For free


Is CapCut MOD APK free?

Yes, it is free.

Is CapCut MOD APK safe to use?

It is a legit app and is quite safe to use.

Does the app ask for my personal information?

No, CapCut MOD APK will not ask you for any of your personal information. It will however ask you for some basic details or permissions, which you will have to provide to use the application.

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