As the name suggests, in this role-playing game, your main protagonist is a fancy red cat. This red cat is considered by the last of the remaining most ancient clans of fearless knights. Cats from this clan are popular for the brave fight they put up against monsters to save their lands. But, in recent times this clan’s population is reducing so you need to change what’s going on in your surroundings. The game incorporates a cool, realistic graphical environment with smooth animation effects. As far as the gameplay is concerned, interestedly RPG players think this gaming application is ideal to have a thorough gaming experience. So, without delaying any further, let’s go through the details of Cat Quest. 

What is Cat Quest? 

There are innumerable action games available to players, some of which would truly evoke a sense of nervousness in you while you play. Keeping in mind the requirements of youngsters and modern-day gamers, The Gentlebros have come up with a superb video game, that’s compatible with both iOS and Android. It’s titled Cat Quest. 

It’s said that several ages ago, dragons and cats lived together in harmony, but then one of the cats was kidnapped and a dragon was found responsible for it. The cat kidnapped was severely wounded and the dragons even took the opportunity to hypnosis the cat and keep it on the water for a prolonged duration. This incident made their relationship bitter and since then, cats and dragons have been enemies. An unwanted war has risen since then, where the kingdom of cats is devastated by dragons. 

Soon, a green cat witch came to the rescue and saved cats from their misery. Since then, spirits have decided to help cats in the best way possible. The idea of Cat Quest has been derived from major action video games like Skyrim etc. Action has been further combined with role-playing, in a perfectly realistic manner. 

Cat Quest also has an APK version, that’s even more interesting than the original one. Let’s go through what the APK version has to offer. 

About Cat Quest APK 

Cat Quest APK is a mobile action and role-playing video game that explores the adventures of a fluffy cat. This cat has been trying to protect his kingdom and lands from the hands of dragons, which used to be their friend’s ages ago. Dragons, obviously stronger than cats are winning this battle so far and hence the fantasy world is soon to face a terrible fate. Players start with one village and continue to explore the fantastic land and gather more information about dragons. 

The gameplay of the APK version is similar to that of the original version. The only thing is the added features and benefits which the APK version offers. Let’s see how players can enjoy the game play in the APK version. 

When the game starts, look for collectibles and upgrades. In the APK mode, however, there’s no need to upgrade your game as everything is unlocked from the beginning. So, with the APK versions, there’s no extra hassle involved. Always remember that the fantasy world has magic and hence you mustn’t hesitate to use it. As you explore more villages in the fantasy land, you learn more about ancient art and culture which will make you more information and stronger. There are innumerable weapons at your disposal. The APK version allows you to pick any weapon of your choice. Collection gold coins are also an important part of the game as it helps you to buy upgrades or customise weapons and armours for the hero. However, you would be delighted to know that the APK version provides players with an unlimited collection of gold coins! 

When you play Cat Quest APK, you will be transformed into a cat knight. The game allows you to personalise your cat’s character, including the weapons, items used, etc. Cats can attack and fight against the monsters that come in their way. The APK version has an automatic system, which means, that cats will automatically attack baby monsters anytime they detect them in the vicinity. There are spells and some other resources available to players. Overall, the game’s combat system isn’t limited and is fairly enjoyable. 

Features of Cat Quest APK 

Are you ready to experience grand adventures fighting against dragons? Also, you get to spell magic and fight with a wide array of weapons. The game’s not as easy as it sounds but is certainly engaging and entertaining more so because of its interesting features. Given below are some features of Cat Quest APK that you ought to know. 

  • Access to all levels and challenges

When you play the APK version, you don’t have to complete levels one by one to progress. The APK version unlocks all challenges and levels for you from the beginning. There are a total of 60 levels, full of fun and entertainment. The more you play, the more rewards and gold coins do you get. It would become impossible for you to leave your phone’s screen after you get hooked to Cat Quest APK.  

  • Unlimited rewards and gold coins

The APK version makes the game much easier for players. For instance, you no longer have to complete challenges and tasks to win rewards and collect coins. They are available for free in the APK version. 

  • Customisation available for free 

You can customise your weapons as you like in the APK version. With the unlimited amount of gold coins and rewards that players get, customising armours and other settings isn’t difficult at all.  

  • Enjoy amazing graphics

The graphics of Cat Quest APK is enhanced and beautifully designed. It enhances your gaming experience to some extent. Combined with the graphics is the soundtrack which fits perfectly with the game’s ambiance. Everything feels so alive and peaceful. Players would get the feeling of being in colourful dreamy fantasy land. 

Cat Quest APK, though a new game in the market, it’s completely enjoyable. The gaming experience is sure to be engaging, thanks to its easy controls and innumerable content. Developers have left players to so much scope to explore. Right from the beginning, you are expected to have a fun experience. What more do you want than an amazing combination of beautiful gameplay and graphics? If you haven’t downloaded the game yet, you are missing out on a lot of fun. So, download it today and enjoy!  

Cat Quest MOD APK Download

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Last Updated
7 January 2018
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4.1 and up
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On what platforms is Cat Quest APK compatible?

The game is compatible with all iOS and Android devices.

Is the APK version available for free?

Yes, it can be downloaded for free.

Where can people download the APK version?

The APK version of Cat Quest can be downloaded from either the Google Play Store or Apple store.

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