Remember those days when you sit at home, absolutely bored with nothing to do? We understand. At those times all you need is a fun and interesting activity to engage yourself in. When we have just the thing for you. Crossout Mobile is just the game for you. Its intense and interesting plotline will help you forget about the boredom and engage you in its adventurous world. 

What’s way better is that you can now even get its apk version. Its apk version lets you enjoy many more features quite easily along with a lot of resources in the game itself. If you are interested in what we just said and want to give it a shot, look no further as it is all that we are going to discuss today. Scroll on and see what we have got for you.

What is the game about?

Before we go into the details about the apk file and its features, we need to first know what exactly the game is all about. So first we are going to take a look at the plot of the game, it’s setting and its goal.

Brought to all the Android users worldwide by Gaijin Distribution KFT, the game Crossout mobile is set in a post-apocalyptic world. The game belongs to the genre of action-adventure and throws real challenges that would require quite a lot of skills.

Your goal in the game is to survive basically. But it is not so simple. In the post-apocalyptic setting, the world has become aside of absolute mayhem. Battles are being fought over resources fundamental to sustaining life. In such a world where people are literally on the verge of madness, you have to keep your nerve and look after your sustenance. 

To achieve sustenance, you have to fight- it is as simple as that. The game lets you build your battle machines and use them to fight with monsters and other survivors to survive yourself. While there is limited or rather no such hand-to-hand combat, your combating skills would still be an integral part of the game period you would need to plan and launch attacks using your knowledge of battlefields and of course about your opponent.

One of the key points to note in the game is that you must build your vehicle in such a way that it is both easy to manoeuvre as well as hard and tough enough to make a bold impression on the battlefield. A multiplayer mode of the game is also available where you can play with five other friends of yours, and battle it out amongst yourself to see who is the best driver of all.

About the Apk

Let us first understand why installing the apk file again is a better option than going for the app.

The apk file consists of all the software and other requirements that a system requires. Therefore it makes the functioning of the game smoother and easier. While the app would require you to purchase all the requirements individually, an apk file is like a zip file, where you can find all that you could ever require in the game.

Another great thing about using an apk file is that you get to use an unlimited amount of resources in the game. You get access to a lot of new features as well.

The apk file of Crossout mobile also has similar kinds of features. Using the apk file of the game would allow you to enjoy a  plethora of new features that would enhance your gaming experience and gaming sessions.

Features of the apk file

As we have stated quite a few times,  apk files owe their popularity to the fact that they let you access a lot of features that you might not have been able to access while playing the game through its app. So what are these features of the game that the apk file makes available for you? Come let us take a look.

  • Play under the faction you find suitable

In the post-apocalyptic world, there are different groups of individuals who have their specialties. There are groups such as the nomads, engineers, and others. You can choose which faction you want to fight under. You can thereafter gain special skills from and of the particular group you decide to fight for.

  • Play with friends

The apk file also gives you the option to play with friends. I total of 6 pairs are allowed on board. You can fight in a team and even get enriched by each other’s playing tactics. This particular option also lets you interact with top-rated players around the world. So this particular feature would not only let you have more fun while playing the game, but also help you learn a lot of things from the other gamers with whom you interact with. 

  • Build your vehicle

The best part of the game is that it lets you build your battle vehicle. You can customise it the way you want, introduce features that you feel would help you on the battlefield. After each game, you could also realise the mistakes you committed the last time, and make according to amendments. The game calls for the overall development of the player in you.

  • Amazing graphics

The game of Crossout mobile has the top-notch quality of graphics as well. As if building your vehicle was not great enough a realistic task, the graphics of the game would make you feel as if you are standing right in the middle of the battlefield. Believe us when we say, that a post-apocalyptic vibe would surely get to you!

The game in itself is quite a challenging one that calls for a test of all of your skills be it mental or physical at every turn in the game. Making use of the apk file would help you to only enhance this gaming experience all the more.

Crossout Mobile MOD APK Download

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Last Updated
29 March 2021
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Requires Android
6.0 and up
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How To Download Crossout Mobile Mod On Android Instructions

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  • Step 2: Turn On Unknown Sources As Above Image
  • Step 3: Click On Download Button above
  • Step 4: You Will Be Redirected To Our Download Page
  • Step 5: Download & Install Crossout Mobile Mod APK For Free
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Is the game violent?

The standards of violence are pretty varying from person to person. However, from a general point of view, the game can be quite violent for a soft-hearted person. It is set on a post-apocalyptic battlefield after all!

How much space do you need to save Crossout Mobile?

You need about danger be of available space to install the game of Crossout mobile.

Is Crossout mobile free?

Yes, the game is free and can be installed from the play store.

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