We play games for fun and tremendous joy. This source of entertainment has not changed in these years but the medium has swapped. The advancement in technology has converted and everything. People tend to find old-school fun in this 21st century. Well, you can have it all in the one and only, Dark Raider MOD APK. Are you a fan of retro games? It can remind us of our childhood. 

Get the chance to deal with hundreds of dungeons. This hack and slash game also has thousands of powerful enemies waiting for your arrival. I know, you are very excited right now and cannot wait any longer to play Dark Raider MOD APK. Before getting busy with such an awesome game, let us know more about it.

What is Dark Raider?

Do you believe in Gods and their power? Dark Raider will take us to the ancient world of Ylkis. One old age prophesies that has changed the land forever. We know that history repeats itself; a prophecy that was made thousands of years ago may come true. People of Ylkis are ready to face the rage of Gods. Imagine how it would feel when you become a part of this thrilling tale.

Trinity Interactive Studio has developed and produced this awesome game. This gaming company is famous for creating such action games. Players all over the world are going gaga for Dark Raider. Within a very short period, this game has achieved many positive reviews from critics. Millions of payers around the globe play Dark Raider because no one would like to miss this ultimate source of entertainment.

The fantasy world of Ylkis is threatened by a thousand years old prophecy. People are not happy in this parallel world, after all, they are little human and cannot face the fury of the Supreme Being. The only thing that awaits their destiny is the end. But why am I telling you this entire story? What will you do here? Well, you are the only hope for this devastated land. You can save them from destruction like a hero. One fortunate day, the Gods opened the doors of dungeons. It has been said that the fate of Ylkis lies with the dungeons. For concurring one dungeon, the world of Ylkis may see another sunrise. Can you save them and keep them alive?

About Dark Raider MOD APK

You cannot keep yourself away from one such stunning game. Dark Raider MOD APK is very famous for its engaging story. The hard-core gamers cannot keep their hands away from the utmost source of quests. The initial version of Dark Raider MOD APK was not so impressive, but the developers came back with a bang. They knew what would attract these people. You can be the hero of this action game and have numerous adventures. This game has various perspectives; you can raid hundreds of dungeons and fight with thousands of enemies. After opening the doors of the dungeons, the land of Ylkis has turned into a desert; you need to stop them from destroying this beautiful land.

The people of Ylkis deserve some happiness. To bring back peace to the land, you will fight with deadly monsters every day. This game has got multiple features and surprises. Destroy the enemies and save innocent lives. At the end of the day; you might be the only person, who would save their lives. The brand new Hack and Slash game will leave no chance to amaze you. Dark Raider MOD APK is a perfect game for those who love to fight and win.

Features of Dark Raider MOD APK

You can be the brave warrior of Ylkis and get much attention and praise; after all, you save them every day. This amazing platform has many features which made the gameplay an awesome experience. The reason for the popularity of Dark Raider MOD APK is the stunning features. Let us know more about the characteristics of this game:

  • The visual effects

Dark Raider MOD APK has stunning pixel-styled graphics. It has the vibes of old-school video games but with a modern touch, the screen looks even more attractive. This game has 2D graphics quality and people cannot move their eyes from the dark background. The visual effects are very eye-catching.

  • Unlimited game currency

We play games for entertainment, but the rewards can increase the interest. The MOD APK version of Dark Raider will give you limitless money, aren’t you excited after hearing that? The players can collect numbers of gems and unlimited money by playing and defeating the blood-thirsty monsters. Use as much as money you want to; it will not decrease.

  • Odd maps

Each time a payer dies on the battlefield, the map of Ylkis would change by itself. Dark Raider MOD APK never sets a similar path for the players, it keeps changing. This feature is great, you will never get bored. This is the best way to explore every corner of this world. Each time you play Dark Raider, you can discover new areas and monsters.

  • Multiple heroes

Dark Raider MOD APK has three different heroes, which can be unlocked after succeeding the mainline. They are Warrior, Barbarian, and Mage; each has different characteristics and skills. Like Mage can do burst damage, while warrior can attack quickly. Barbarian has high health and defensive capabilities. You can choose any one of them.

  • Challenges

Dark Raider MOD APK is a hard-core action game. At each level, you will have to fight with the monster and their bosses at the end. There are 23 different bosses in this game. You can collect more than 17 runes. Players have to run avoiding the obstacles and then fight to win this game. It is not so easy here, you cannot predict their moves.

Dark Raider MOD APK is like a rollercoaster ride. One cannot win so easily in this game. Improve your skills and overcome all the challenges. You might be fighting alone in a dark dungeon, but there is always hope even in the darkest place. One thing is must you will have a blast. This game is amazingly designed and players love it. Take a little break from your busy life and chill with Dark Raider. The ultimate tale of a warrior is here and you are going to make it happen.

Dark Raider MOD APK Download

Name Dark Raider
Last Updated
20 May 2020
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Requires Android
4.4 and up
Current Version
Category Games >Action

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Which is the latest version of Dark Raider?

1.0 Is the updated version.

What is the size of this file?

Dark Raider needs around 121 MB of space.

From where can I download this game?

You can download Dark Raider from the Play store.

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