Dead Trigger Mod APK is a legendary zombie video game that is played in the first person. The game is one of the best of its kind. Its graphics and wallpaper are commendable. In this game, players have to go through dynamic battles against hordes of dead walking zombies. Each of the battles you win will pass you over to the next level. At each new level, players will have to perform new tasks. The Mod APK version also offers interesting gameplay. 

Developers have chosen interesting locations for the performance of the plot missions. In the modded version, players can access a huge arsenal of weapons, armour, and other necessary equipment to fight against the zombies and survive till their last breath. Let’s know more about this modded version from below. 

What is the game about? 

Dear trigger, like we already mentioned falls under the zombie-themed video games. It’s a horror survival video game developed and distributed by Madfinger Games. This gaming company released Dead Trigger back in 2012. Ever since then, it has continued to be one of the best of its kind for Android and iOS mobile gamers. The game is however restricted to single-player only. Developers are yet to incorporate the multiplayer gaming sessions into Dead Trigger. 

The game is intriguing and energetic. Once you enter the game, you will feel an adrenaline rush through your spine. Get transformed into powerful, brave zombie killers and slay the zombies to death. Your task is to restore peace to the city. 

This game is now available in a Mod APK version. We have talked about it in detail below.

About Dead Trigger Mod APK

The Mod APK starts at the map screen, where players are asked to select their preferred missions or access in-game facilities casino, shop, arena, etc. One can find different generic missions as well as story missions in the game. 

If you are willing to get bonus gold, you can undergo small bonus missions too. The Mod APK version includes two different forms of currency: cash and gold. When you participate in different missions and secure a top position as a player, you earn cash. For that, you can collect cash briefcases; slay zombies, complete objectives, etc. Gold can be earned if you participate in daily bonus missions and you will be awarded small amounts of gold every time you manage to level up your game. 

Dead Trigger Mod APK is more than just a shooting horror video game. Players have to face the ferocity of the zombies and manage to slay them and come out alive in the process. They have to keep things safe and sound. It’s their responsibility. The game allows free movement of players at their convenience. Zombies always attach the players whenever he is unmindful. So be attentive always. Your only advantage is that you can strategize your game, which zombies cannot. To take down zombies, use heavy explosives instead of guns. 

As you level up in the game, we get access to the interiors of the city. The intensity of the fights increases gradually. However, in the latest Mod APK version, you don’t have to cross levels to get access to locked areas. Everything is unlocked beforehand. We have talked about this in detail under the features section later. 

As the game intensifies, players have to be mindful and observe realistically. You should never let your guard down, else you are dead. 

Players get access to a variety of guns in the game. Guns are the primary way of killing zombies. There are effective guns of high and low range available. Players must choose according to their needs. Make sure your targeting skills are sharp so that you can target zombies from a distance and knock them down before they can even reach you. 

Like we already mentioned, the game offers a highly advanced gun system to players. But accessing these high-quality guns isn’t easy. You must have a sufficient amount of cash or gold to unlock this equipment. The only advantage that Dead Trigger Mod APK offers you is by providing unlimited cash and gold to players. You can assume how this is beneficial. 

Besides guns, developers have also incorporated a variety of other equipment like melee weapons, bombs, Arsenals, mines, laser-mounted guns, radars, grenades, etc.

Features of Dead Trigger Mod APK 

We have mentioned significant details about the modded version above. Apart from them what’s more significant are the in-game features. These features enhance the user experience of the game and make it interesting to be played. Let’s go through some of these interesting features which are sure to delight you to the core. 

  • Unlimited gold 

The best part about the modded version is that players get an unlimited amount of gold in the game, unlike the original version. Now, they no longer have to focus on completing daily missions to earn gold. They can focus on the main gameplay and combat against the zombies with any weapon of their choice. 

  • Everything unlocked 

Because there’s unlimited cash and gold available, players can access what’s inaccessible in the original version. To unlock things one requires gold or cash, which are already present in unlimited amounts in the modded version. You can simply choose whatever gun or equipment or zone you want to play with/ in and proceed. 

  • No advertisement 

The modded version also doesn’t stream any ads. The attention of the players is hence not interrupted. Developers have ensured that players enjoy an engaging and immersive gaming experience throughout. 

  • Offline gaming available

Dead Trigger Mod APK allows players to play the game in the single-player Mode without an internet connection! That’s amazing. You can enjoy the game even if you don’t have access to the internet. By doing so, developers have made this game widely accessible to players who come from backward areas.  

Even after playing the game for several hours, you are sure to not get bored of it. Players who have already completed the game and won their highest rounds are waiting for developers to update the game. The game highlights the perfect balance between combat and exploration. Developers have given full liberty to players so that they can enjoy the game in their way. The best part is you don’t have to spend real cash to buy anything. Everything is available already, that too for free! Developers have optimised the game and ensured that its gameplay, graphics, soundtrack are in sync. Unless you play the game, you wouldn’t understand what are you missing out on. So, download the game today and enjoy! 

Dead Trigger MOD APK Download

Name Dead Trigger
Last Updated
9 July 2021
Offered by
Requires Android
5.0 and up
Current Version
Category Games >Role Playing

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How To Download Dead Trigger Mod On Android Instructions

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  • Step 2: Turn On Unknown Sources As Above Image
  • Step 3: Click On Download Button above
  • Step 4: You Will Be Redirected To Our Download Page
  • Step 5: Download & Install Dead Trigger Mod APK For Free
  • Step 6: After Completing The Installation You Can Enjoy the Dead Trigger Mod For free


On what platforms is the modded version compatible?

The Dead Trigger modded version can be played on android and iOS mobiles.

Is the modded version available for free?

Yes, the Dead Trigger Mod APK version can be downloaded for free.

What benefits does the Mod APK version offer?

With the modded version of Dead Trigger, one can enjoy unlimited gold and cash collection along with zero advertisements while streaming the game.

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