Most simulation games start to feel boring and predictable when you are halfway through them. However, unlike most other simulation games, Death School is much different. The game brings a plethora of surprises and challenges to players and you can’t even guess how it’s supposed to end, even though you would be the one making choices. That’s how brilliant its story is! 

The game is about a thrilling story, focusing on the lives of the player and three other high school students. The game has been deprived of anime movies. It has a major amount of horror elements. You must have guessed so while coming across the title of the game. But, as a character, you can either be interested to find out what happens next or be scared. Let’s find out more about the Death School. 

What is Death School about?

You lead the life of a normal high school student until something strange happens. That’s the turning point of your normal life. Meanwhile, in school, new students have entered, each having their mysterious past stories. But, everyone suspects one newcomer to be suspicious and unusual. 

One fine day, while returning from your school you realise that you have been trapped. You have a death curse upon you and you are consequently unable to reach home. Don’t worry. You aren’t alone in this. Other fellows too have been trapped. 

Death School presents to you the perfect balance of romance, horror, and cute, funny moments which are enough to retain the attention of all players. The storyline is quite cryptic and doesn’t beat around the bush. The horror scenes are introduced right from the beginning of chapter 1. Things start to get even scarier and intense from this point. 

About Death School Mod APK 

Death School has a modded version that’s pretty much interesting than the original one. Let’s see how. 

Firstly, gameplay mechanics and controls in the modded version are improved and enhanced. You simply have to tap on the screen to move on to the next dialogue. If that seems too manual for you, you can click on the auto-play option available. For that, you have to go to the home button on the top right corner of the screen. When you click there, a drop-down menu appears. Now click on the autoplay button to enable it. From the same drop-down menu, you can also adjust the speed of dialogue autoplay. The gameplay mechanics in the modded version is simple overall. Players only have to make decisions for the characters, whenever it’s needed. Players are sure to feel that the process of the game occurs just like an anime movie or story. It has it all: logic, curiosity, drama, etc. Your future depends on the decisions you make in the game. 

Death School Mod APK incorporates several chapters. They occur in a sequence, one after another. You need to complete small tasks to unlock the next chapters in the game. Every episode comes with a set sequence. You can continue writing your story if you or your friends aren’t trapped anymore. In case you are, you would have to start all over again. The characteristics of the main characters are unique and varied. The ultimate horror begins when you and your friends are trapped by a mysterious evil force inside the school. Things start to become more intense when you realise that the mysterious force wouldn’t stop at anything before it kills you. Hence, to get yourself out of the trap, you have to make the right decisions and lead your friends out of the haunted maze. 

In the game, you would get three companions: Rei, Meiko, Natsume. Had your friends wouldn’t have come on this journey, you would feel bored. Your friends are your responsibility and you must protect them from death traps. Make sure they return to their homes safely. Every friend has a unique personality and character traits. Knowing them would only help you in making the right choices for them. 

Features of Death School Mod APK 

By now you have understood the gameplay mechanics of the modded version. Let’s now go through some interesting characteristics which you would love. 

  • Multiple friends 

Friends make your journey in this game special and interesting. Each of your friends is unique and has special abilities. They too are trapped and it’s up to you how you would set them free. 

  • Impressive graphics 

The modded version incorporates eye-pleasing graphics. Throughout the game, the detailed visuals paired with instrumental background music forms the right ambiance of the game. Considering the quality aspect of the game it’s commendable. The game gives a realistic feeling to all players.

  • Innumerable mini-games

To make sure there’s no dearth of content in the game, developers have introduced mini-games. Besides making decisions for yourself and your friends, you can try to solve the extra games that the modded version provides. It’s quite simple to play these games. All you have to do is touch the screen thrice to complete one round. In return, you would get exciting rewards in the form of points. You must be wondering what use are these points. Go over to the next feature to understand the function of mod points. 

  • Utilize the points in the game 

If you are wondering why the points are necessary, know that you can buy tickets or purple diamonds in exchange for them. The tickets are used to continue the story in the game, in case you are trapped or caught by bad guys in the game. The purple diamonds can be used to select premium choices in the game. 

Overall, Death School Mod APK is an exciting game that wouldn’t let you feel bored at all. It’s the story of four high school girls who get trapped in the school, unable to come out. The game gives a thrilling experience because you don’t know what’s about to happen next and neither can you predict! So, what are you waiting for? Download this game if you haven’t yet and enjoy it! 

Death School MOD APK Download

Name Death School
Last Updated
25 April 2021
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Requires Android
5.0 and up
Current Version
Category Games >Simulation

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How To Download Death School Mod On Android Instructions

  • Step 1: Go To Settings > Security > Unknown Sources
  • Step 2: Turn On Unknown Sources As Above Image
  • Step 3: Click On Download Button above
  • Step 4: You Will Be Redirected To Our Download Page
  • Step 5: Download & Install Death School Mod APK For Free
  • Step 6: After Completing The Installation You Can Enjoy the Death School Mod For free


On what devices is the modded version compatible?

The modded version of Death School is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Is the modded version available for free?

Yes, one can download the modded version from any reliable site for free, without paying any charges.

Is the Mod APK version safe?

Yes, people who have played Death School Mod APK haven’t experienced any device malfunctioning. The only thing you must keep in mind is to download the game from a reliable site.

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