Diamond rush original lets you play as an experienced archaeologist who takes interest in exploring mysterious ancient tombs and buildings. The archaeologist has to discover ancient collectibles and gather them from globally famous landmarks like the ancient Tibetan snow cave or the temple of Khmer clan or the Brabos. As you begin this wonderful expedition of yours, rest assured that you will have to encounter numerous dangers and obstacles. You might even encounter the world’s most poisonous snakes and traps that are deadly. This game require players to devote their entire attention while playing and laying every step cautiously. To access and unlock items, that are essential for your progress, you would have to solve puzzles. Use your brains and knowledge of an experienced archaeologist and you are sure to have good luck.  

This legendary game is now available to all android users. It can be downloaded from the Google play store anytime. Are you ready to play this retro game that would take you through tunnels and caves and let you explore castles, caves, ancient palaces? Are you curious to know what would you be searching for? To know more about the game, continue to read below. 

What is Diamond Rush Original? 

Players explore the endless empty temples and caves in search of diamonds. To collect diamonds and complete all levels of the game, players must try to avoid any form of danger be it rocks, traps, or poisonous creatures like snakes. Diamond Rush Original can be considered to be a retro arcade game with hundreds of puzzles that players have to skillfully solve to unlock new areas and explore further. 

The game has been quite popular among players for a long time. This is a classic exam of a role-playing adventure game that has managed to win the attention and interest of players. Diamond Rush Original is the perfect blend of an arcade game and a puzzle-solving adventure game. The game requires players to complete all 40 levels and solve more than 400 puzzles to emerge victoriously. To make the game easier for players, developers have incorporated a simple control mechanism. All you have to do is tap on the screen and solve puzzles and unlock the required objects. 

The goal of every player must be to collect as many diamonds on the way as possible. Also, keep in mind, every different level has different types of puzzles, threats, and obstacles to offer. There are different hidden cheats that you have to find on different levels. Also, after you complete a certain level; you can enjoy the perks of having extra lives. However, if you die, one life would get reduced and you have to start the game from the last checkpoint. 

About Diamond Rush Original APK

If you have played the original version of diamonds rush, you would be even more impressed by its Mod APK version. The latter is extremely addictive and engaging. However, the Mod APK version isn’t much different from the original version. Developers have only added a few extra gaming elements and features to enhance the gaming experience of every player. To navigate through the temples, you can use the navigation keys to move right, up, down, and left. Once you complete collecting all diamonds, you complete one level. When playing, take precautions. 

There are several obstacles in the modded version that you are to encounter. You would have to fight against fire fighting systems, poisonous snakes, giant rocks, and toxic lakes. All these elements are threatening to your life. The first few levels of Diamond Rush Original Mod APK would feel as easy as eating candies. But, as the level increases, so do the game’s difficulty level. Get ready to encounter the innumerable obstacles that the diamond rush would offer. 

You have to roll stones that block your way. It will save you from a lot of traps too. It would help you bridge two different passages or push enemies or crush snakes. The result depends on how well are you able to handle the situation. As you progress, you would get different hidden chests that you have to unlock to access what’s inside. Make sure to open every chest and collect the key that’s inside. It would be of immense help later. If you forget to unlock a particular chest and collect the required key, you would have to go back to the place and unlock it. Unless you do that, you cannot enter the next level. So are you willing to be the greatest exporter of all time? 

Features of Diamond Rush Original Mod APK

Now that you know what Diamond Rush Original Mod APK is all about, let’s go through its features. The interesting features that developers have incorporated in the modded version have further improved gamers’ experience while playing. We have enlisted the major features of the game below. 

  • A plethora of obstacles to overcome

What makes the game engaging and adventurous are the innumerable obstacles that players would have to encounter in their way. There would be deadly spiders, malicious Knights, bone-crushing rocks, snakes, etc. The adventure is surely not going to be easy. There’s every chance of the Tibetan stalactites falling from above and poisonous spiders of Bavarian castle biting you. 

  • Easy controls

Developers have made the game extremely easy to be played. The game can be played using the navigation keys for going up, down, and left and right. You can press the necessary keys to interact accordingly. The sole aim is to collect as many diamonds as possible and escape potential threats. 

  • Impressive graphics 

Needless to say, Diamond Rush Original has impressive 2D graphics. The character creation and background elements are all suitable for attracting young gamers. They are dramatic and eye-pleasing. While playing, the elements would look familiar but also new at the same time. 

  • Numerous puzzles to be solved 

Puzzle-solving is the main element of the game. Different levels require different types of puzzle-solving. Are you ready to use your brains and enjoy this wonderful adventure? 

Overall, Diamond Rush Original Mod APK is an amazing game that players have been enjoying for several years. The game is surely old but still feels new and interesting. It’s no doubt exciting and adventurous. So what are you waiting for! Quickly download the game into your device and enjoy playing! 

Diamond Rush Original MOD APK Download

Name Diamond Rush Original
Last Updated
5 August 2020
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Requires Android
4.4 and up
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How To Download Diamond Rush Original Mod On Android Instructions

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What do players have to do in diamond rush APK?

Players have to collect diamonds in the game. For doing so, they have to solve puzzles and open chests to get keys and other items that would eventually help them move ahead in the game.

How many levels are there in Diamond Rush Original Mod APK?

The Mod APK version of the game has about 40 different levels.

From where can you install the game?

Players can install the game on their android phones from the Google play store.

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