DOFUS Pets is a casual chic video game developed by Dash Tamagotchi. Containing lots of superb graphics and innumerable mini-games, this game centres on the nurturing of pets. Pet keeping is portrayed as a simple enjoyable, cheerful pastime. The game brings lots of opportunities to players to enhance the quality of their habitat and animal instincts. Pet owners can also interact with one another and form a responsible community with everyone’s cooperation. Pet owners can share their experiences, training methods, and tricks to help others in taming their pets properly. 

The official version of DOFUS Pets is no doubt fun and engaging. However, the MOD APK Version of this game far surpasses the scope of entertainment offered by the official version and brings more exciting features and opportunities to players. Besides unlocking access to several extra options, the game provides players with unlimited pets, money, and hats. Besides that, the game is free of advertisements. To know more about DOFUS Pets and the list of features that the MOD APK version provides, continue to read below. 

What are DOFUS Pets? 

Needless to say, pets can be one’s best friends. They can help you feel good and get rid of your tiredness in life. However, only buying a pet isn’t enough. When you give shelter to a pet in your house you have to take good care of it. People have to manage time and spend quality moments with their pets. The tough part is that people don’t have much time. 

If you are interested to learn how to nurture and raise a pet, the best way to know about that is by playing DOFUS Pets. The game is a fun way of learning how to own pets responsibly. All you have to do is take time and play this game and interact with other pet owners. This game is sure to bring you happy moments and make you smile. 

DOFUS Pets is a casual pet simulation video game that pet lovers have loved and enjoyed playing. Ut has appealed to pet lovers all across the globe. Installing the game is easy. All you have to do is install the game on your device from the Google play store or apple store and register on the app. As soon as you start exploring the contents of the game you are sure to make an acquaintance with whom you can share time while playing. Besides taking care of pets players also have to perform daily activities like feeding animals on time, playing with them, interacting with others, etc. The gameplay of DOFUS Pets is no doubt addictive. To make it even better and augment its essence, developers have incorporated the right graphics and interface in the game. 


Just like real pets, even virtual pets too need to be taken care of. They need time to grow. Also, they need to have a definite sleep routine as they love to sleep. If you are the owner of any pet make sure to check on them frequently. Visit them, play with them, devote time to them and make sure they feed sufficiently. 

While you are away, your pets are expected to make the space dirty and messy. When you come back, it’s the responsibility of every pet owner to clean the mess that virtual pets have created. If the pets have become dirty in the process, you also must bathe them. Besides feeding and maintaining their health and hygiene, you also have to bring them toys. In this game, players also have to change their habitats. 

The MOD APK Version of DOFUS Pets allows players to earn enough coins and enjoy the “play hard” option. Using the extra money you have earned, you can shop your pet’s favourite toy food and even decorate your pet’s surroundings. You can also buy fancy dresses and try dressing your pet in the best manner. 

The virtual pets depicted in Dofus pets are extremely picky sometimes. If they are in no mood to play or get up, they would hesitate to play with you. Their unwillingness would be evident for players to figure out their mood. When your pets are in a mood to sit idle, the only option you have left is to accept their decision instead of forcing or persuading them.

Now, depending on the way you treat your pet, it would either turn into a monster or a cultured being. If you allow your pet to live by instinct, the animals would remain so and get accustomed to their characteristics. Hence, they wouldn’t let you bathe them or feed them from time to time. On the other hand, if they are excessively pampered, they would become very difficult to be tamed and sometimes demanding too. Hence, while taking care of your pets, you must strike the right balance. 

Features of Among Us MOD APK

DOFUS Pets MOD APK can be said to be a daring, engaging video game that’s filled with artistic brilliance. That’s what makes the game stand out from similar video games on the internet. The game also has innumerable other features for players’ entertainment. Below enlisted are some prominent features of the DOFUS Pets MOD APK video game.

  • Spend quality time with your new mates 

The virtual pet has just taken birth and it demands your constant attention, love, and care as it grows. Bring it food and fodder, help it grow. Play with it, clean its habitat, bathe the being, and train in it your way! 

  • Help it to grow into one of a kind pet 

Players can customise their pets with different items. The MOD APK Version allows players to access a whole new bunch of items for free, be it accessories, masks, gloves, etc. You can also customise the decor of its habitat from time to time. 

  • Let it evolve 

Whatever action you take, your pet would be heading towards a significant evolution. Now, the evolution depends on how well have you taken care of your pet. It would evolve into any of the following: Measured, Paunchy, Icky, Bontarian, or Charming form. Accordingly, the appearance of the animal would also change. 

  • Enjoy a plethora of minigames 

You can participate in playing minigames with your pet. Games like Bulb’Adventure, C-C-C-Combo, Tap’Tiche etc., are available to players for free in the MOD APK version. 

DOFUS Pets is certainly an enjoyable game that unique and rare. When the MOD APK version was released, major critics and gamers praised the game’s contents, gameplay mechanism, and other elements. The game retains its focus on animals and cute pets throughout and certainly arrests the attention of players till the end. 

DOFUS Pets MOD APK Download

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January 9, 2019
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Is it safe and secure to install this video game?

Yes, the MOD APK version is very much safe and secured. It’s free of malware.

What is the cost of purchasing this video game?

DOFUS Pets is available free of cost on Google play store or apple store. You can download the game without paying any price.

Is it available on the App Store of Apple?

Yes, the game is available on Apple Store and Google play store too.

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