If you are a fan of horror movies, if jump scares, get you the desired adrenaline rush, then the game Evil Nun MOD APK might be able to provide you with a suitable environment for playing in the virtual world. This is because this game has all the necessary characteristics to make you feel stuck inside a horror setting where the only survival strategy is to run, hide and solve the puzzles so that the evil Nun does not find you and hammer you down. Developed by Glowstick Entertainment, the game had been published by Keplerian.

Evil Nun MOD APK is a horror game initially designed for a mobile device. The plot of the game has taken inspiration from the famous supernatural movie Conjuring in which devilish Valak takes the form of a nun to traumatize the residents of the haunted house. Evil Nun MOD APK features a similar demon in the outlook of a nun who dwells inside an abandoned school and can hear everything. The primary objective of the game is to solve the puzzles without being caught by the nun. 

What is the game?

The game has a role-playing aspect to it. Evil Nun MOD APK begins with the player being invited to be a part of a summer camp where he or she will be able to socialize make new friends and have a fruitful summer. However, that is not the case as the entire story of the summer camp turns out to be a hoax. The player is trapped inside the premises of an abandoned school, which is being monitored and guarded by an evil nun. 

Evil Nun MOD APK can be regarded as a horror survival game where you have to save yourself from the evil clutches of the devilish nun named Sister Madeline. She is famous for giving punishments to small children by beating them up with her sledgehammer. Even if you want to get out of the school facilities, you will not be able to do so. Complete all kinds of puzzles to be free. 

The game has all the ingredients to make you feel the chills. From the beginning of the gameplay, the player constantly anticipates the appearance of the nun, which is scary and frightening. Moreover, the major challenging part of the game is to maintain the required stealth mode to solve the puzzles. 

About Evil Nun MOD APK

If you have played the famous horror games called Granny or Five Nights at Freddy’s, then you are accustomed to the gameplay of Evil Nun MOD APK. The major purpose of the game is to escape the nun who is crazy and infamous for abusing children with a hammer. The game has to be played in survival mode where the player has to make use of his or her courage and presence of mind to solve the mystery puzzles. 

The puzzles posed by the game are unique and interesting. While solving puzzles you can also find clues about escaping the facility. Moreover, you have to use props such as holy water, files, cabinets, and other ordinary household items that can hold the key to the puzzle. In the APK version of the game, you can unlock all the levels and the related challenges without having to worry about collecting enough points. 

In the APK version of the game, you can also play the ghost mode where the dirty and dark secrets about the abandoned school have been revealed. The ghost mode is one of the most interesting parts of the game in which the player can find out about the children who keep on appearing inside the room and the truth behind their disappearance. 

Features of APK

Evil Nun MOD APK is a scary horror game, which has a few unique features that set it apart from the rest. Let us look at some of these features as given below.

  • Unlimited Money or Coins

One of the unique features of the APK version of the game is that it facilitates unlimited money, coins, or other game currency, which helps you upgrade and move around by unlocking clues and other hints. If you are stuck in the middle of a particular puzzle, then use the game currency to unlock the hint without having to worry about running out of money.

  • No Ads

This is another relieving feature, which enhances the game playing experience. Although it is a known factor that advertisements are necessary for generating money, the intermittent appearance of the ad links can be annoying. With the APK version of the game, one can easily play the game without any kind of disruptions.

  • Unlock all the Puzzles

Another feature of Evil Nun MOD APK worth mentioning is that the game has all the puzzles that can be unlocked. Moreover, with the APK version, you can move around the school premises and explore the area without having to unlock the episodes sequentially. 

  • Full Version 

Last but not the least, the APK version lets you have the full updated version of the game without having to wait for the update from the manufacturer. This means that you can have the entire game until the last at one go. Therefore, play Evil Nun MOD APK and escape the prison of the nun with all other children who need to be saved.

This is all that you should know about Evil Nun MOD APK. The game can be scary and frightening with sound effect and graphics. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the player should download and play the game once for getting the chills. The player can also start a chase around the school. It is important to remember that the nuns can every sound and reach every corner of the school.

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Is there any other sequel to the game?

Yes, the game has a sequel known as Evil Nun 2.

Can the game be played by children?

The game has horror content and is best not played by children.

How much storage space is required by the game?

3 GB storage space is required by the game.

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