Fit the Fat 3 APK is a popular weight loss game that is specifically for fat people which was released under Five Bits. The game was divided into two parts and released and both parts were quite successful. The game is available on Google Play Store to download and play. If you are thinking of playing this game make sure you download Fit the Fat 3 APK and play. The game has been targeted at obese people but it is enjoyed by everyone. 

The game falls under the arcade genre which was last updated on 3rd July 2020. Players will have to have a minimum of Android 4.0 to be able to download this game. The game is running on version 1.2.7. Players will require a minimum of 99 MB free space to download and install Fit the Fat 3 APK. 

What is Fit the Fat 3?

Fit the Fat 3 APK is a third part of a popular game series revolving around the main character Rahner. All the characters of the series have been retained in the third generation of the game. In this game, the heroes decided to stop thinking about burgers and turn them into a sport. Players will have access to all the sports equipment like roller skates, and ropes. Players will have to start the entire process of weight loss with their regular runs. 

It is an endless running game that has been around since 2014 and the popularity of the game is growing day by day. The last two parts of the game were not as successful as Fit the Fat 3 APK because of the way the game was played. The third part of the game offers friendly invitations for friends in the game which makes the weight loss plan quite a fun experience. 

In this game, the main player is trying to lose some weight for quite some time and when his diet plan fails miserably he decides to switch to running and cycling. Players will have to keep their fat guy in control and help them cross different obstacles simply by swiping the screen in the direction they want. Players will have to keep collecting coins on their way to go ahead in the game. 

About Fit the Fat 3 APK

The popularity of Fit the Fat 3 has grown quite fast recently. More people are getting into the game because of the fun and humorous storyline. The game offers a lot but still, players are recommended that they should go for the APK version because of the added features offered. The APK version of the game is quite commonly available and players can simply download it for the internet and install it on their phone. The APK version of the game will only support Android mobile phones and will not work on any other operating system.

Features of APK

Since the popularity of Fit the Fat 3 APK increased developers are constantly putting out updates to keep the game free from any kind of bugs or errors. Here we have listed down a few of the features which make the game a must-play for all arcade game lovers.

  • Multiple Race Modes

The game offers multiple race modes where players will be able to do different running, cycling, or rollerblading in the quest of losing weight. Players will get to choose their exercise every time they start the game. Since players have multiple modes they will never get bored of the game.

  • Huge inventory of outfits

The most attractive part about the game is all the colors it has to it and outfits play a very important role. The game offers a huge amount of outfits for the players to choose from making the main character dress according to the player’s wish.

  • Play Online races

The game offers an online races option game where players can play with other players in real-time with help of a stable internet connection. Playing online modes is quite satisfactory and fun for everyone. 

  • Unlimited coins and gems

The game Fit the Fat 3 APK runs on two currencies which are coins and gems. Both the currencies are quite important because they determine the progress in the game. Players will be able to collect unlimited coins and gems with help of Fit the Fat 3 APK. The coins and gems can be used for purchasing different outfits or accessories for the main character of the game.

  • All character accessories unlocked

In the normal mode of the game, all the character accessories in the game are not unlocked. Players will have to unlock them gradually while playing but with Fit the Fat 3 APK all the accessories are already unlocked. With this feature, players can dress and accessorize their character the way they want to with some flashy colorful clothes and exercise gear.

 If you are thinking of playing an interesting and quirky game then Fit the Fat 3 APK is a good choice. This game offers players a run for their money and the weight loss journey is quite fun. The game builds a lot of motivation and is perfect for someone who is thinking of losing weight. If you are getting this game make sure to get the APK version because the added features surely come in handy when playing the game. 

Fit the Fat 3 MOD APK Download

Name Fit the Fat 3
Last Updated
10 July 2020
Offered by
Requires Android
5.0 and up
Current Version
Varies with device
Category Games >Simulation

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How To Download Fit the Fat 3 Mod On Android Instructions

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  • Step 5: Download & Install Fit the Fat 3 Mod APK For Free
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Is Fit the Fat 3 APK available for the android operating system?

Yes, Fit the Fat 3 APK is available for the android operating system

Which company is behind the development of Fit the Fat 3 APK?

Five Bits is the company that developed Fit the Fat 3 APK

Is Fit the Fat 3 APK available for free?

Yes, Fit the Fat 3 APK is available for free

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