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It’s good news for players who love to play mobile-friendly battle royale games. Recently, Tencent Games has released one such game in China titled Glorious Mission. It’s a 100 player multiplayer game that currently has more than 40 million registered players across the globe! Glorious Mission is a Chinese first-person shooter mobile game. It’s the first online, military-themed video game developed by the People’s Liberation Army. 

What is Glorious Mission?

The game is based on the very popular mobile game PUBG. It’s a free mobile game developed on similar ideas and mechanics. By now you must have understood that the maximum number of players the game allows is 100 for every round. The game is set across a vast area, featuring a 64 km² map on the screen. The game offers vast varieties of weapons and ammunition that players can use for their protection. 

Glorious Mission is divided into three parts: individual soldier tasks (a single-player mode), basic training, and squad confrontation. The game is heavily based on scripted events, such as explosions and flyovers. The game gives complete freedom to players to get separated from their squads and move in any direction. However, with time the map starts to shrink, forcing enemies to come closer and indulge in more dangerous battles and fights. Soon after landing, players have to move through narrow trenches, killing enemies as they proceed. After some stationary sniping action, players have to move into a cave for some time. On other levels, players are found to pave ways through a fenced path. 

About Glorious Mission Mod APK

The gameplay of Glorious Mission Mod APK is similar to any other survival game. However, developers have added better gameplay mechanics to ensure it retains its originality. There are innumerable special points in the game. What’s new in this game is the introduction of new characters and weapons in the game. Every character has a realistic design, rendering a life-like feeling to this game. 

Additionally, there are varieties of weapons available to players. Glorious Mission Mod APK allows players to access unlimited weapons right from the beginning. Within an extensive map of 64 km², there is scope for further improvement in the modded version. However, players can get more spots to hide and more rewards in the modded version. 

When the game begins, players will join 99 players on a large map. The game focuses on making players concentrate at a transit station with 100 players. As soon as land at your chosen location, your journey for survival begins. Players have to look for weapons immediately as soon as they land. Some can even be acquired by killing enemies. The exploration process featured in Glorious Mission Mod APK is intense and vast. The modded version offers a plethora of content to the game to be enjoyed. 

Players can customise, explore the environment, improve or learn new tactics throughout. With time, they would learn better moves that will eventually help them attack enemies and survive till the end. What’s intriguing is the huge number of rewards that the mod version offers. Also, the mod version has a day and night cycle, with weather changes. There are night-time, cloudy, sunny, evening, and foggy times throughout. The game is extremely enjoyable and fun to play. To know more about it, read below its features. 

Features of Glorious Mission Mod APK

Overall, Glorious Mission Mod APK is a complete package of action, adventure, and entertainment in one. The game has received immense reviews and critical appreciation from top critics across the world. What they have found most praiseworthy is its graphics, style, and variety of weapons to choose from. We would discuss these major features in detail below. 

  • Tactics

Tactics play an important role when it comes to survival games. With the right tactics and strategies, you can survive in the long run and eliminate maximum enemies too. Glorious Mission Mod APK offers a highly customisable environment that players can use to their advantage. There are several tactics that players can apply such as attack devotee, guerrilla, entrenched, etc. 

  • Graphics & Sound

Developers have incorporated 3D graphics into the game. Glorious Mission Mod APK features the best w quality visuals and graphics on mobile. Tencent has learned a lot from PUBG and has used their knowledge to enhance the quality of Glorious Mission equally. 

The soundtrack is of equal importance in the game. It has been accurately added in the background to intensity the ambiance of the game. The soundtrack is original and new and retains the interest of players till the end. 

  • Style gameplay 

To make sure Glorious Mission Mod APK stands out from the rest of the royale battle video games, developers have developed new character designs and weapon systems. The image of the characters is extremely well depicted and life-like. It gives an authentic feeling to players. Developers have also increased the number of weapons available in the game. Especially in the modded version, players can use top-quality weapons right from the beginning. All customisation options are also available from the start. 

  • Single-player and multiplayer available 

Not only can Glorious Mission Mod APK be played in multiplayer mode, but players can also choose to play it alone. When players play in a squad of 4 players, the interest and thrill are heightened. However, you can play solo and win the match alone! 

Glorious Mission Mod APK is yet to gain popularity among players. Not much information is available about Glorious Mission Mod APK. Though available worldwide, the game is currently most played in China. Developers are still working on Glorious Mission Mod APK to address its shortcomings and enhance its quality. 

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Is Glorious Mission Mod APK available for free downloads?

Yes, the game can be downloaded for free, either from Google Play Store or App Store.

Does the game have a multiplayer mode?

Yes, Glorious Mission Mod APK has a single-player and multiplayer mode as well.

Up to how many players can the game accommodate in one round?

Glorious Mission Mod APK allows 100 people to join in every round.

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