Nowadays, there are numerous games which are available on a digital platform, but many games were very rigidly designed and it may cause quick boredom to the players. The Gris Apk is an adventure-based game developed by Normada Studio and also published by Developer Digital. The Gris Apk is a different game; it is based on a girl named Gris who is struggling with her regular emotions. So she needs the help of the gamer to remove her pain.

The Gris Apk game was firstly launched by Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch in the year 2018, December, and for IOS devices it was launched in the year 2019 and for Android users, it was released in the year 2020.

What is the game?

Gris is a young girl who always stays in her world, and fights with her painful emotions in her life. So her story of pain and sorrow is portrayed in her attire and it also offers new abilities to deal with her sorrowful world. According to the story Gris will emotionally grow and will look at the world in a different situation and this way she will explore new paths while using her new options.

The game is a very evocative experience that is free of danger. The gamers will find a wonderful design situation that is brought to life with beautiful art and informative animation. But the game is full of puzzles; with a full of sequences and skill-based choices which will open up when Gris game will reach to different levels.

The gamer will get the chance to play the character named Gris. A girl in her twenties is a passionate girl full of confidence. But she is facing many tragedies and difficulties in her life. She was escaped from her parent’s nursing and thus she was depressed and facing many difficult paths in her life. 

About Apk of the game 

So, Gris Apk is a media core player of the Android platform. The player will have to play Gris who is a naïve girl who always stays in her world because of the pain which she has got from reality. Her sorrow is fully covered in her dress which wills different scopes to navigate the world.

Gris Apk means an application document that is ready for install in any Android system. The Apk file which is compressed and Zip file is often achieved in the JAR file which can be distributed to any Android user. The player will explore Gris’s story and also express all the emotions which are shown on her face. 

When the game will start she will firstly express what she feels and the player will have to accompany her to many fields and discover many levels. While crossing the levels the player will have to face many challenges and difficulties, the gamer has to stay confident while passing the levels. The Gris likes to collect all the stars which have formed a constellation to the path of heaven. The actual path is somehow blocked by the other monster. But somehow she wakes up in the ocean where she had to swim to come to the surface. 

However, the girl starts to sing, and thus she was consumed by the black type of oil. Thus the statue comes back to life and starts to sing and is ready to disappear the creature. Later Gris and the statue are emotionally united and try to climb the last constellation of the world which is helping to restore. Thus after collecting all the stars her young age will reveal them in a secret room. 

Later Gris is thus united with an old woman. The woman will reveal a firefly that will surround her hands then it will release it to fly. The apk version of Gris is recommended because of the amazing features that they offer. Gris apk is widely preferred over the basic version because of the very distinctive premium features that one can get with this game. 

Features of Gris Apk

The game is based on the girl whose name is GRIS who is very tormented, she tries to sing a song but soon she chokes up and the hand starts to get crumble and thus she placed in the colourless world. While walking the girl discovers several strange levels which are covered with strange lights.

Thus, Gris can collect the lights to gain new energy like she can turn a block into a stone or to create new paths of constellations. While the girl is seen to collect many stars to create a constellation way to reach heaven but the final path is blocked by some creature. Thus if everything is collected then she can reveal a secret room.

Now let us discuss few features of the game. They are as follows: 

  • Premium features added

The apk version of Gris offers a lot of premium features for free. These features can otherwise be availed only by paying a particular additional cost bit with the apk version, you can get free access to all the premium features. 

  • Gameplay

Firstly the gamer will witness a girl name Gris who will look like a very lonely girl standing in the middle of the lonely rock. The gameplay is not mentioned in the game one has to achieve the goals and overcome the pain of Gris.

  • Graphics

The graphics are the main feature of this game. It has a minimal style of design that focuses on art and colours. Not only the graphics are aesthetic but also they contribute to express feelings to the character. 

  • The Dot Light

The game is not featured in any fights or death sequences. But there are many barriers for Gris to cross each level. Sometimes it is too high to jump or too far to climb. For this reason, she needs the help of the dot light. It is a path to cross the obstacles so that her emotions can get rid of.

The story of Gris is based on a young girl who is fighting with her pain and traumas. But the game never tells the player what Gris is going through in her life as it can understand by seeing through her emotions. It can be said as the best visual game which immerses the players with many shades and which is different from many games. The story is mainly based on a loss girl who will recover her pain while in the levels of the game. The game is featured as the best Spanish-based game is based on the Android platform. The game features how Gris overcomes her loss. While playing the game one needs to have patience while completing the levels and have to deal with all the emotions of Gris while playing the game.


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3 June 2020
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4.4 and up
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How To Download GRIS Mod On Android Instructions

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Who had discovered Gris Apk Game?

The game has been discovered by the Normada Studio which is a Barcelona-based studio.

How many levels are in the game Gris Apk?

There are five levels in the Gris Apk game. The girl has to gain new abilities to reach the next level.

Does Gris mean grief?

The game is fully based on loss but the gamer has to explore Gris's character to feature the colourful life.

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