Happy Mall Story is an exciting board game in which the player is supposed to become the chief of a big shopping complex. You are supposed to manage the shopping mall and purchase new products, attract the customers to a reasonable price and keep it advancing in different ways. Increase your area and upgrade the game, construct new stores and avail yourself of a higher amount of money for that purchase. The game is created in very high pixel graphics. 

What is the game?

It is such a game that uses the shopping strategies and the design of the shopping malls for developing the gameplay as well as the content in the game. Additionally, the game is belonging to the simulation and entertainment genre and this genre always provides players high knowledge about any object or particular field. 

The variety that you can find in the simulation genre has made its presence even stronger in the market, and several games are agreed to use different themes for entertaining the players. The most impressive thing about this game is the never-ending gameplay, attractive graphics, and a lot of user-friendly features that provide the player’s accessibility to the management of a huge shopping mall. 

This makes it easy for players of any age group to access the game and discover everything. The player can transform almost anything and everything in the mall that has been allotted to them such as the architectural layout, style, colour, and location of the store. The goal of the player is to create a very powerful commercial store and provide people with whatever they need. 

About Happy Mall Story Mod Apk 

Happy Mall Story Mod apk is a very exciting game from the simulation genre. It has been published by Happy Labs. This game is suitable for those players who dream of building their shopping mall. You must know that shopping is also a kind of entertainment for a lot of people, particularly women. They feel very relieved while shopping in a mall and they get a high level of satisfaction when we can buy everything that we want even it is exceeding our budget. In this game, you have to manage a shopping center. Initially, you can only find an empty yard and a handful of small shops here. These shops can be electronic selling, food shops, or even a book shop. 

The main aim of this game is to provide the players with the most delightful gaming experience while they take the responsibility of managing a mall. Additionally, there is great content offered in the game like services, stores, events and so much more. The build can build a lot of things in the mall. Also, the players can try coordinating with different companies, take the space on rent and develop a lot of sources for income generation. The management system of the mall is very distinctive and friendly to the users. 

Within the majority of the shopping malls, you can find that they are divided into various sections and the players can choose from building their stores or signing tenders with any other company. When people get into a shopping mall, they can very easily search for the thing that they are looking for. Also, the income level of every place is different than the rest, based on the layout of the store and the condition of the players while they manage the mall. Further, as the player continues to expand the mall, the game will offer different contracts for construction. The profits acquired in the game will keep increasing, providing the player with different growth opportunities. 

Features of Happy Mall Story Mod Apk

What makes this game so popular is the fact that it allows the players to customize all the stores as per their own choice. The player can construct the malls with several small stores within them and the type of style of the store is equally divided in different areas so that the customers can navigate across the store easily. Similar to this, there are many other features of this game which are mentioned below as follows:

  • Lots of customization options 

The stores of players can be customized very easily. You can also renovate the different components like colors, interiors, locations, and a lot more. The design of the store can bring a very lively and exciting feel for the players who continue playing the game. Every little thing in the game can be customized according to your choice.

  • Unlock new accessories 

This game keeps updating itself very frequently which means that the player can feel delighted to play the game. They can expand the mall and decorate it with items of their choice. The players can easily shift all the stores in different regions for expanding them or building new ones. Not just that but the players can also construct several stores. This can make the shopping mall look even more attractive to the people.

  • Fever mode 

Every day, just after you are done with your activity, your main center will get into the fever phase. It is a mode that provides you great revenue and the opportunity with which you can get other rewards such as diamonds.

  • 3D graphics 

This is designed in very high-quality 3D graphics. It is drawn in the style of cartoon which can remind the players of some animated movies that they have watched in their childhood. The menu bar can show you all the other options that you can get in the game. The graphics and the sound are very soft and subtle. It is not very highlighted. 

Thus, Happy Mall Story Mod Apk is a very enjoyable game that is all about management simulation. It makes use of a very user-friendly interface and attractive graphics. The game also upgrades endless options for the players. The Mod Apk version of the game makes it even more exciting for the players. So, if you haven’t played it yet you must try playing the mod apk version of this game. 

Happy Mall Story MOD APK Download

Name Happy Mall Story
Last Updated
8 May 2019
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Requires Android
4.0.3 and up
Current Version
Category Games >Simulation

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What is the size of this game?

The size of this game file is 25 MB.

Do you need to pay any price to play the game?

The game is free to play. You need not pay any price to play the game.

Does this game require your device to be rooted?

You don’t need to root your device for playing this game. You can play this game on your device without having to root it.

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