Iron Throne is an incredibly impressive video game. It is a strategy-based video game that was published by Net marble. If you are a gamer then you would know about this video game very well. It is one of the best video games that most of the players play who love strategic games. But, even if you are not a gamer, you do not have to worry. 

You are in the very right place. You can refer to the article below to know more about video games. The article below will provide all the information that you should know about the game before playing the game like about the game as well as the features the MOD APK provides to the player in the game.

What is Iron Throne?

The Iron Throne is a strategic-based video game that was published by Net marble. This is one of the best strategy games. For all those people who like the Games of Thrones, they would be very much familiar with this game of Iron Throne. The Iron Throne has caused many wars & cruel conspiracies the war resulted in many deaths due to which many families were got dissolved like the stark family. 

This family was good but suffered a lot due to the war. Net marble is the subsidiary of Tencent. It is one of the largest publishers of games in China. Most of the o games that are produced by the Net marble publisher are successful. The Iron Throne is the new strategy of Net marble publication. The video game has very little to match with the film or the movie but a lot is common around the battle between the most powerful clans of the middle ages. 

Most of the strategic-based games have simple graphics as these games do not much focus on the graphics. The Iron Throne video game gives an altogether different level of experience to the players. This video game also has 3D high-resolution graphics making the game even more engrossing and astounding. The best part is that it is not expensive and the players do not have to pay hefty amounts to enjoy playing this exciting and interesting video game.

Now, as we have understood what the game is all about we can now shift our attention towards what makes the MOD APK different from the original game. The next section will answer why people mostly prefer the Mod APK version of any video game.

About the Iron Throne MOD APK

The Iron Throne is a video game based on strategy with high-resolution 3D graphics. It is one of the best releases from the Net marble publication. The Net marble is one of the largest publishers of o games in China. 

The Iron Throne provides a lot many features to the players in the game. But, the new and modified version of this Iron Throne video game that is the Iron Throne MOD APK video game provides much more exciting and interesting features that would help the players to win the game with more ease. 

This new version not just provides few benefits like improved graphics but also provides more skill to the players so that it becomes easy for them to defeat the enemies and also to win the kingdoms. Apart from this, the game also allows the players to choose the best character they want to play with. Every character in the game has different and unique abilities. The player could thus choose the character with caution that is to choose a character that will help in winning the game and defeating the enemies. 

It is very easy to download this game with 3 easy simple steps. They can simply install it from the store and start playing this amazing game without worrying about anything else. The best part of this game is that it is free of cost. The players will not have to pay huge amounts to play this game and get access to these amazing features of the MOD APK version of the video game. 

Now, as we know about what makes the MOD APK version different from the original game, we can move on to what other special features the modified version of the video game provides. The next section of the article deals with the above-stated questions, so, keep reading the article to know more about this video game.

Features of the Iron Throne MOD APK

The Iron Throne MOD APK game provides many amazing features and benefits to the players. It does not just have better graphics but also provides many other exciting features. A few of the notable features of this game have been mentioned below.

  • Defeating is easy

The defeating of the enemies becomes easy with the new modified version of MOD APK. It provides various new skills to the players to make the attacks easy. As, if you want to win other kingdoms, you would require a strong army and also strong walls which could withstand the enemy’s attack. 

  • Different heroes

The MOD APK version also provides the option for the players to choose their favourite characters. They could choose the best character with the best skills as different characters have different skills. The better the character the player chooses, the more the chances to win with unique and different tactics.

  • Global war

The Iron Throne MOD APK would take the players for conquering different lands. It has a very good combination of both the role-playing game and strategy-based tactic games. The players will be confronted by other players from the world. This feature will bring a lot of excitement into the game.

  • Easy to download

The Iron Throne is a very simple game and it becomes easier to play with the MOD APK version. The modified version provides a lot of features that help the player to defeat the enemies quickly and also to win other kingdoms in the game. 

  • Free to play

Even after providing so many exciting features, the MOD APK version of the app is still free to download and play. The players will not have to pay hefty amounts to play this exciting game. They can simply install it from the Google Play Store and then start playing it to enjoy.

The features of the Iron Throne MOD APK video game do end here. The list of the features of this new modified version is endless. It is not just free to play and download but it also provides many other features apart from the features mentioned above. To know more about the features and experience this amazing exciting gameplay, install the game at the earliest from your Google Play Store.

Iron Throne MOD APK Download

Name Iron Throne
Last Updated
30 March 2021
Offered by
Requires Android
4.4 and up
Current Version
Category Games >Strategy

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How To Download Iron Throne Mod On Android Instructions

  • Step 1: Go To Settings > Security > Unknown Sources
  • Step 2: Turn On Unknown Sources As Above Image
  • Step 3: Click On Download Button above
  • Step 4: You Will Be Redirected To Our Download Page
  • Step 5: Download & Install Iron Throne Mod APK For Free
  • Step 6: After Completing The Installation You Can Enjoy the Iron Throne Mod For free


What is the size of the file of Iron Throne MOD APK file?

The size of the file is around 92M.

Is it available for the Anthe droid version?

Yes, you can download it from your Android phone.

Is it available on iOS?

No, the game is not available on iOS.

Can you play it on your mobile phone?

Yes, you can play it on your mobile phone.

Is it free to download the game?

Yes, you can play the game without paying hefty amounts.

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