The world has diverse nations, religions, cultures, and languages; we are all different from each other. We meet so many people every day, either online or physically. Advanced technology has brought us together; they are just one click away from us. What to do with this diverse language. 

We cannot keep a translator along with us physically right? The old days are gone when the translators used to guide the foreigners. No matter whichever country you are going to and whatever language you can speak, this app can be the ultimate medium to communicate. Let me introduce to you all, the only iTranslate. This application is an easy solution for everyone.

What is iTranslate?

Old days are gone, when we used to carry a dictionary to read any book of other language or travel to a new place with a translator. Tasks like translating different texts, having a conversation with any foreigner used to be a very big deal. Now that iTranslate is here, you do not have to worry. This single app can convert texts, web pages, voice conversations, and photos in all languages, whichever you want. It is one of the leading dictionary applications available in the market. Single handily, this app can do multiple tasks within a second. So, bid adieu to the old-fashioned tricks.

This time-saving app was published and developed by the developing company, called iTranslate. This app can connect all of us in the best way. Hello, bonjour, hola, hujambo, and what not; one meaning and diverse term used all over the world. In this 21st century communication is one of the key skills for any one of us. We need to interact with different kinds of people, read and improve our knowledge and also stay updated and know about national and international events. This dictionary app can help you to upgrade your skill and also understand new languages.

About iTranstale PRO APK

Our one and only companion are here. iTranslate PRO APK was launched a few years back to help millions of people around the globe. This application was launched for both the Android and iOS platforms. iTranslate PRO APK can offer services in both male and female voices. Not only different words but this fabulous app can guide you on grammar and multi-meaning words. It is very effective for languages that have many irregular verbs.

iTranslate PRO APK has a collection of 100+ predefined phrases. You can easily switch between the dialects and conjugate verbs in different types of tenses. iTranslate is a very handy application. You can also convert hieroglyphs into Latin characters. iTranslate PRO APK allows you to share translated texts on any social media platform as well. Thinking about a short trip to Japan, Korea, or China; now you go anywhere without any worries.

Features of iTranslate PRO APK

Your companion has many impressive features. No doubt why, this app is used by so many people around the globe. iTranslate PRO APK is well known for its effective functioning. It is the paid version of iTranslate. Let’s explore more about this translating application:

  • Easy usage

iTranslate PRO APK has very simple usage, you just need to select the initial language and the translating version. This app can automatically recognise the text or voice and convert it; it has a high recognizing capability.

  • Personalised translation

 As you start using iTranslate PRO APK, the app can keep the track of all the words you use. The most used language will be suggested every time. The history of your activities will reduce your efforts in the future.

  • Offline functioning

iTranslate PRO APK can greatly perform when you are offline too. The dictionary is always with you, use it anywhere and anytime without any internet connection. This is one of the helpful features.

  • Voice recognition

Switch on the microphone of this application and speak in front of it. iTranslate PRO APK can recognise the voice and convert it into text, you can translate that text into any language afterward. This feature was introduced by Nuance.

  • Collection of phrases

iTranslate PRO APK has a collection of commonly used words and sentences. Thousands of short English phrases are available on this platform. This feature makes your work even easier; it will keep suggesting you the words too.

iTranslate PRO APK is the paid version of iTranslate. This version is more updated and has additional features. You can also get a chance to have a free trial for 7 days in ‘Start My Trial” and enjoy the limitless features. You can also purchase the PRO version of this application at the rate of $ 2.99 per month. The best part of iTranslate PRO APK is that it has no ads. Also, get to translate the web pages. So, just sit back and do your work with less effort.

iTranslate PRO MOD APK Download

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Last Updated
May 12, 2021
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Requires Android
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How To Download iTranslate PRO Mod On Android Instructions

  • Step 1: Go To Settings > Security > Unknown Sources
  • Step 2: Turn On Unknown Sources As Above Image
  • Step 3: Click On Download Button above
  • Step 4: You Will Be Redirected To Our Download Page
  • Step 5: Download & Install The iTranslate PRO Mod APK For Free
  • Step 6: After Completing The Installation You Can Enjoy the iTranslate PRO Mod For free


What is the size of this application?

iTranslate PRO APK needs only 36 MB storage.

Which is the updated version of this application?

5.6.17 is the updated version of iTranslate PRO APK.

Can children operate this app?

Yes, children can use this application easily.

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