Merge Dragons is an adventure puzzle game that requires you to solve fun puzzles, harness the power of the dragons and construct a base camp where you can nurture and grow dragons. Merge Dragons as the name suggests allow players to merge or match various elements and create unique equipment. 

In this adventure puzzle game, players get the role of healing and nurturing a magical land and solve fun puzzles to gain the power of dragons and use various resources to train dragons. The game allows players to mix and match every object to form stars, treasures, dragon eggs, trees, and magical flowers. The game is interactive and communicative, which makes solving the innumerable mysterious puzzles easier. 

What is Merge Dragons? 

Usually, dragons are fictional animals we happen to see in legend stories, paintings, or movies. In some series, they have been depicted as descendants of rulers and kings. Dragons are usually associated with fierceness, prosperity, and strength, not to forget fear for mankind. But, unlike the general conception of dragons, Merge Dragons depict dragons as cute pet animals that are helpful and tameable. 

Hundreds of years ago, a magical valley called Dragonia existed. It was hidden behind the clouds. In this magical valley, dragons used to live in peace and happiness with other animals. Suddenly, the evil zombies attacked the valley one day, dividing the united land of Dragonia. Players have the responsibility to reconstruct the damaged areas and rebuild the broken parts of Dragonia. Also, they have to revive the other creatures that used to live in Dragonia together: dragon eggs, dragons, trees, Gaia’s statues, and flowers, and legendary creatures. 

Besides completing the above-mentioned tasks, players have to look for all hidden levels in the game. The test is will you be able to find them? While exploring the lands of Dragonia, you might have to face evil zombies, so be careful of your every step. Players can use some useful freely available objects to use as per their advantage. So all you have to do is look for them and create something beautiful out of them. 

Instead of using single objects and reagents, using combined objects would be more advantageous. No matter what the resource is, be it the gold coins or the life flowers, players can merge it all for enjoying bigger benefits. Players can roughly merge every possible thing available in the game which makes the game extremely experimental. 

About Merge Dragons Mod APK 

The vast realm of merge dragon is amazing and impressive. The mod APK version has more than 500 objects and artifacts to use and gather. Players can access them for free in the modded version. Players will be simply amazed to see how they can merge items to grow and develop their powers! There are collectible, mystical dragons who would help you during your journey. Players can match and merge them and turn them into better species and creatures. The mod APK version offers more than 600 quests to players to complete. Besides that, players can enjoy completing more than 100 repeatable levels in the game. Can you imagine the vast expanse of contents available in Merge Dragons Mod APK?

Players have to merge three materials of similar type. Once the merging is successful, the object would evolve into a better one. For instance, players can merge three trunks of wood to create an ancient tree. Three dragons can also be combined to create a larger, more effective dragon. Players can also merge three flowers to form a larger flower the dragons available in the region are also used to light the dark regions on the map. Players cannot however move, match or merge creatures in the dark. You have to ensure the process takes place in the light. 

That’s how Merge Dragons Mod APK proceeds. As you can understand, the game isn’t challenging enough. But at the same time, it’s addictive because of the numerous rewards players are given. After the completion of every level, players are flooded with extra rewards, coins, and whatnot. Merge Dragons Mod APK successfully evokes a sense of curiosity among players, arresting their attention and interest. To know more about the features of Merge Dragons Mod APK, continue reading below. 

Features of Merge Dragons Mod APK

The game offers immense chances of creating new items. For instance, creation of new, fresh buildings, larger dragons, flowers, and whatnot. Just like dragons, players can also combine dragon homes to create a larger shelter for dragons. The game allows players to combine up to 5 buildings to get an upgraded building. Merge Dragons is an extremely engaging and exciting game, offering various combinations of objects and different sets of characters. Merge Dragons is completely different from the other puzzle games available nowadays. Let’s now dive into some of the main features of Merge Dragons. 

Unlimited rewards 

Rewards are what players look for when playing a game. The mod APK version of Merge Dragons offers innumerable rewards to players at every level, which keeps them going forward. The higher the level they are playing in, the more the rewards available. 

Players can also access a magical chest on the main screen. If they can unlock that, they would receive any rewards after a particular duration. The precious the gift is the more will players have to wait. This happens to be a motivating factor for most players. If you stop playing you simply wouldn’t be able to enjoy the valuable rewards for your progress. 

  • Beautiful graphics

Impressive graphics is a plus point in Merge Dragons. Developers have incorporated 3 D graphics in merge dragon mod APK which has highly enhanced its quality and gaming experience. The magical valley of Dragonia has been captured beautifully, arresting everyone’s attention. It’s like a fairyland, full of dragons, trees, buildings, landscapes, valleys, and whatnot. 

  • Combine everything and solve puzzles

Everything you see and encounter is useful. Every object can be merged and matched for making better objects of a similar type. The mod version of Merge Dragons offers more than 500 items to players for merging as per their needs. As you merge and use the larger objects, you gain more power over the zombies. Also, players can compete in 500 quests which are challenging and thrilling. 

  • Interact with dragons and create larger buildings

This is perhaps the most unique aspect of Merge Dragons. Dragons can be interacted with and used in times of need. Isn’t that unbelievable? We have always seen people be afraid of dragons. But, in contrast, dragons upgrade the encampment and expand the game’s territories. If you are willing to create a larger dragon, you can simply combine or merge 3 dragons of a similar category. By using dragon fire, you can also obtain more free space and territory to complete your tasks. 

Thus, as you can see, Merge Dragons is an exciting game offering a wide variety of contents. Players can easily spend their leisure hours playing Merge Dragons Mod APK and have a satisfying experience. The land of mythical dragons is fantastic and fascinating. So what are you waiting for! Download merge dragon mod APK for free and have an amazing gaming experience. 

Merge Dragons MOD APK Download

Name Merge Dragons
Last Updated
30 March 2021
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4.4 and up
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Is the game reliable?

Yes, the modded version of Merge Dragons is entirely safe and secured to be used.

What benefits can you derive from the modded version?

The modded version allows players to enjoy unlimited rewards, free coins, and numerous options to merge objects.

Is the game worth it?

Yes, Merge Dragons is a must-play video game if you are into solving puzzles.

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