Monster Hunter Riders is the succeeding sequel to Monster Hunter stories. Developer Capcom has announced that it would be coming with this new game for the mobile version shortly. Monster Hunter Riders is expected to share certain similarities with its preceding sequel in terms of graphics, gameplay elements, characters, etc. However, developers would also retain their individuality by introducing some new aspects of the game that are unique to Monster Hunter Riders. Capcom is highly positive about the release of the game. It says that a lot of new surprises await young gamers. Let’s now dive into the details of this upcoming mobile video game. 

What is Monster Hunter Riders? 

The game is set across the region on a continent named Fergia. It’s considered to be the link between the two types of living creature’s monsters and Humans. Soon, the region got consumed by darkness and enveloped the whole place. The evil side of the monsters has been unleased, which has made the region a dark place, devoid of harmony and peace. A massacre is about the occurence in the Fergia region. To stop the destruction, players are to recruit heroes and prevent the slaughter of innocent beings. 

If you have already played any previous sequel of the monsters hunter series before, this game wouldn’t appear weird or feel strange to you. Even if you feel so, go through the series of instructions given by the developer’s right at the beginning of the game. You would get a clear picture of the aspects and mechanics of the game. 

About Monster Hunter Riders Mod APK

As we already said, the gameplay is quite similar to the gameplay of the preceding sequel. In this game, people who train or recruit players to fight against the monsters and prevent them from destroying the Fergia region are called Riders. The gameplay remains the same even in the modded version. Monster Hunter Riders Mod APK features turn-based style combat. Each player will get one turn to perform an action against the monster or with the rider. 

There are different varieties of monsters one would come across in the modded version. If the player has defeated or collected several monsters, they would be called monsties. Every monstie comes with unique abilities and characteristics, because of which the fighting style is varied in the game. The modded version with its plethora of features makes their gameplay diverse and rich. 

Considering the vastness of combat styles, players have to strategize their playstyles accordingly. They aim to promote the best effect whenever their turn comes. Players have to use simple actions like defense and attack. However, they also have to use special skills of monsties as required. Make sure you have lots of MP as using these skills requires a certain amount of MP in the game. 

By winning different types of battles, you can win different varieties of monsties in the modded version. To collect the monsties, make use of the kingship stone and defeat them in the wild. Know that certain varieties of monsters only appear in special places. So visit them as soon as possible, before someone else collects them. Besides being of different types, the nature of the monsties also differs in Mod APK. There are monsties of the higher rank, the stronger rank, etc. After you have defeated the monster, both you and the latter would gain an amount of experience, depending on the nature of the opponent that you have destroyed. After you are done, you can not only enhance your performance skills but also unlock new mod skills in the game. 

Features of Monster Hunter Riders Mod APK 

Monster Hunter Riders Mod APK is a different version of the upcoming sequel to the Monster Hunter series. This game welcomes players to a new world, which is replete with monsters. If you are a genuine fan of this series, Monster Hunter Riders would appeal to your senses. The modded version is far more interesting than the original game because of its features. Let’s go through some of the mod features in detail: 

  • Variety of mod characters

The modded version features 10 dragon knights. However, they aren’t available right from the beginning. As you complete levels and progress through the game, you encounter dangerous monsters in the process. Being the leader, you can recruit dragon knights to your team in the future. Like we already said, each of the dragons has a special skill. The Mod APK version provides detailed information on different dragons separately so that you can recruit them as per your choice. The game also specifies descriptions including attack, defense, health, etc.

  • Enhanced graphics 

The modded version also features improved graphics. The effects of this mobile game are surprisingly realistic. What’s unbelievable is that the quality wouldn’t degrade and isn’t inferior to the console or PC games. Capcom has certainly optimized the game’s quality and essence in the best way possible. The experience is immersive and smooth and the effect is magical. 

  • Multiplayer feature

Once you have completed certain missions and objectives in the single-player mode, your multiplayer mode gets unlocked. Now, you can enjoy this feature and invite friends to play with you. The cooperative multiplayer gives the best kind of experience to people who are looking for immersive gaming experiences. The winner would receive great rewards and his rank would increase as a consequence. 

  • Fantastic gaming style

The Mod APK features an amazing open-world environment with fantastic style gaming. There are innumerable mysteries to discover for players. Interesting places would appear on the map. Players can find them through an information search or randomly encounter them on the map. 

Overall, Monster Hunter Riders Mod APK is an amazing mobile video game. The game is expected to receive positive attention and response considering the performance of its previous sequels. The modded version even comes with in-app purchases. Currently, the game is however available only in the Japanese market. The game’s English version hasn’t come out yet. Let’s wait in anticipation of the best to come! 

Monster Hunter Riders MOD APK Download

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Is the modded version safe?

Yes, Monster Hunter Riders Mod APK is an interesting video game, which is safe to be downloaded.

Where can you download the game?

Once the game’s released worldwide, it would be available both on Google Playstore and Apple Store too.

On what devices will the game be compatible?

The mobile version of Monster Hunter Riders Mod APK would be compatible with Android and iOS devices.


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