We usually play games for entertainment and fun. It is a form of art that can take us into a completely different world, where we pretend to be someone else and live the life of that person. That is why Simulation games are so much famous around the globe. Murderous Pursuits is one of the famous role-playing games. It will take you on an adventure that consists of many twists and turns. The whole game takes place on a ship called HMCS Britannic. In this thrilling event, either you be the murderer and kill the suspects or you die. Get ready to experience one of the exciting blood-shading games you have ever seen.

What is Murderous Pursuit?

Murderous Pursuit is a very interesting role-playing game. It will take the players into a dynamic mission, where you will play with the other seven characters. Murderous Pursuit was developed and published by Netease. The latest version of this game was released on 10th October 2020. It took only a moment to get into demand; anyone would love to be a part of this mission. 

Murderous Pursuit is like a time machine that takes you back to a Victorian era and puts you in a suspicious environment. In this thrilling situation, players need to be very smart and cautious. To achieve your goal you need to stay alive till the end and you must kill the other seven characters. Whatever activities you do, it should be top secret, no one should be aware of your moves. 

About Murderous Pursuit Mod Apk

The game begins with a story on board; you will receive a mysterious letter from any one of the guests. As soon as you become the passengers of the ship, you begin searching for your enemies. In Murderous Pursuit Mod Apk, the identities of the enemies will be unknown to you as well. Be careful with your moves in this adventurous hunting game. The players will receive hints, according to which they will have to recognize and kill the opponents. No one must notice you or understand your intentions; you must wipe out the other characters very tactically.

In this party hosted by Mr. X on the ship, numerous guests are present to enjoy the moment. In Murderous Pursuit Mod Apk, you need to dissolve into the mass of people so that the other players cannot notice you, take part in activities along with them so that you look like a normal guest. Behave very naturally until you can find the best spot to kill your enemy. The players also need to hide their weapons from the guards and keep moving unless they find the next target.

Features of Murderous Pursuit Mod Apk

Murderous Pursuit Mod Apk is a brilliant game to play when you are free and bored. This action game gives a real experience to the players; there will be numerous exciting challenges for you to keep you occupied. The features of Murderous Pursuit Mod Apk also played a vital role and took the game to another level. The important characteristics are as follows:

  • Amazing graphics and sound effects

 Murderous Pursuit Mod Apk has great visual effects; the 3D graphic quality can easily attract anyone. The movements and all the objects are projected on the screen. You can easily complete your task without any hindrance and feel a scene is a real-life event. The music in the background brings everything to life. 

  • Unlimited game currency

A piece of great news for all the players, from now on you do not have to worry about the coins and diamonds. Keep playing the action game without worries and Murderous Pursuit Mod Apk will provide you an unlimited source of gems.

  • Unlimited sword

Killings are going to be more fun with limitless swords. Do not worry about the weapon, just find a perfect place for your opponent and attack at the right moment. 

  • Play solo or with others

In Murderous Pursuit Mod Apk, anyone can play the game along with the intelligent bots or the players can choose to perform with other players, those are available online. Remember that your character is not alone here to attack; there are other characters as well which are controlled by the players from different areas. 

  • Explore

You can freely roam around and discover the other parts of the ship. This game is so realistic that you feel like you are on board physically. Roam around this virtual world and identify a proper place to plot the next master plan.

  • Simple controls

It is very easy to control the movements of your character. The joystick at the bottom of the screen can help you move on board. To change the screen view you can click on it to rotate the camera and observe the scene from different perspectives. A button is also available to strike your enemy easily.

  • Easy to identify the enemy

Murderous Pursuit Mod Apk gives you the chance to get cautious when danger arrives. A green light shows up in the upper part of the screen whenever any of the enemy or suspect arrives near you.

  • Choose the character

There are eight different hunters in this game, so you can choose any one of them. Your character can be a Japanese girl in Kimono, a normal guy, or even the princess of England. You can customers the facial features of your character.

You will have a great time playing Murderous Pursuit Mod Apk. This well-crafted game plot gives very sneaky anxiety to the players. Start playing this awesome game and bring the best out of you. In this virtual world, you can use the skills to counterattack, knock down the opponents, detect your prey, and also unleash the blind bomb. Be the coolest predator in Murderous Pursuit Mod Apk. Here, killing is not evil but it is an art. This amazingly designed game app fulfils your wildest dreams virtually; this game is no less than a thriller movie.

Murderous Pursuits MOD APK Download

Name Murderous Pursuits
Last Updated
October 10, 2020
Offered by
Requires Android
4.4 and up
Current Version
1.0 b33
Category Games >Action

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How much do I need to pay for Murderous Pursuit Mod Apk?

The Mod Apk version of Murderous Pursuit is free; you can download it easily from the website.

What is the size of Murderous Pursuit Mod Apk?

This game will need around 67 MB of space on your device.

Is any Root required for Murderous Pursuit Mod Apk?

No, Root is not required for this game.

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