If you are a lover of Pokémon games, you would probably feel the absence of new Pokémon games. It’s been a long since we didn’t get any good Pokémon-themed game. If you are looking forward to playing an entirely new kind of Pokémon-themed game, Nexomon is the right choice for you. Nexomon is published by Line Turtle. It isn’t an original Pokémon series. The game retains the major characteristics of Pokémon-themed games and quite similar to such games in this regard. Nexomon was scheduled to be released on 1 March 2018. However, the game was released before the anticipated date. With its release, every Pokémon fan was overwhelmed and overjoyed! The game can be downloaded on all iOS and Android platforms currently. 

What is Nexomon about? 

Nexomon is an excellent RPG video game depicting turn-based battles. The game is comprised of trainer mechanics, cute graphics, and an epic storyline. Adventures, saving the world, travelling, etc., are all attributes of Nexomon. This game allows players to explore the open environment and vastness of the fantasy world. 

The land in the world of Nexomon is residing in peace. Suddenly, a monster Omnicron appears and devastates the land. The monster claims to be omnicron, king of Nexomon. With this monster unleashing terror on earth, the battle between mankind and other creatures began. After some time, the people of Nexomon started to find ways to tame the monsters, turning these creatures into associates. Nexomons also join the efforts of the human race to suppress the wrath of Omicron. With the assistance of Nexomon characters, finally on omnicron is defeated and it’s gone forever. Following that incident, man and Nexomons live happily ever after. 

About Nexomon mod APK 

The modded version is much more fun than the original one. In the modded version, players can choose from any seven characters of their choice. The mod APK game lets players freely roam around in the open-world environment of Nexomon where they are tasked with finding and conquering strange creatures. These strange creatures can be anywhere, in the bushes or forest or cliffs. You have to collect rare Nexomon structures as they have to most impactful attributes. While playing, players can hire vehicles to roam around the place. 

In Nexomon APK, players take the role of a teenager, with a customisable female or male avatar. This character has been chosen to be a member of the tamers guild, a team of warriors who are dedicated to protecting the human race from dangerous creatures called Nexomon tyrants. The player has tamed Nexomon structures. They are equipped with enough of these power structures to battle against their angry opponents. In the mod APK version, players can lay traps to weaken enemies by using nexo traps. After they are captured, players can add them to your team of six critters. 

Players also have to battle against other Nexomon tamers too. The Nexomon tamers are of different types. Some can be friendly while others can be dangerous. You have to be careful before attacking Nexomon tamers. Nexomon is different from similar gaming videos because of its bleak and interesting setting. As you start venturing into the outer world, you discover towns that have been massacred by tyrants. You can also find giant ancient remains of people littered throughout the land. In this pathetic world, people have been deprived of hope and trust. 

In the modded version, the Nexomon creatures are similar to Pokemon. However, the game is far more advanced than the Pokémon games available. It has exciting features on offer. We have enlisted some of them below.  

Features of Nexomon APK

Nexomon mod APK takes you across a vast landscape with endless locations. It lands you in a fantasy world where you have to find monsters, fight against them and tame them.  Nexomon mod APK lets you experience an exciting journey in android devices. Don’t slip away your chance of becoming a trained monster trainer. The game offers innumerable side tasks to players. To complete them, meet the local inhabitants of the place and complete missions one by one. Increase your collection of unique monsters. Make sure you take each of the different varieties so that you can utilise a variety of abilities and looks. Train monsters to develop new skills and make them stronger to fight battles. Take command over your monsters in battles. 

  • Over 300 incredible monsters

The game comprises different types of monsters. While you progress, you would be amazed to find such a variety of monsters. You will have to find out the power of each Nexomon. Every Nexomon possesses a different power system and unique special skills. However, every monster has some common abilities like the power to fire, spray water, discharge, thunder, etc. 

  • Funny activities

The game offers a plethora of fun activities to players. The game primarily centers around recruiting Nexomon upgrading and training. When players reach higher levels and already have enough power, they compete against other Nexomons in battles. Matches bring you a lot of opportunities to level up. The Nexomons also have different stages of evolution, just as it’s shown in Pokémon. The higher the level of the players, the more powerful would be the Nexomon enemies. 

  • Two gaming modes 

Even if the player is weaker than the opponent, he can win using the right tactics and strategies. The game allows players to portray their pet training skills in two modes in the game: the PvP mode and the AI mode. Fight your best in these modes and show who the best master of Nexomons is. 

  • Exciting battles

The battles depicted in Nexomon APK are intense and tough no doubt. In these battles, players can implement many tactics and strategies of their choice. Players are allowed to combine Nexomons in a squad to create more power and strength with combined forces. The game is entirely based on turn-based gameplay. You have to take calculative steps. Each skill must be carefully crafted. 

  • Bright graphics

The graphical development by the developer is quite impressive. It’s again similar to what we find in Pokémon games usually. Although the game incorporates 2D graphics, Nexomon APK still stimulates the intricate details of the game. You would simply get amazed to see the weather effects of the game. They are diverse and varied. The game design is smart too. It’s suitable for mobile devices. It makes the gaming experience top-notch and realistic. Besides, the entire attractive soundtrack is also on point. 

Overall, the modded version of Nexomon is an interesting and captivating game. With its gameplay mechanics, a wide variety of monsters and Nexomon characters, and multiple skill systems, it’s enough to retain the attention of players for long. The game is simple but fun and contains surprises for players to explore. The game’s freely available on all android devices. If you haven’t yet downloaded Nexomon APK it’s time to get your hands on it and enjoy! 

Nexomon MOD APK Download

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3 November 2019
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4.1 and up
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How To Download Nexomon Mod On Android Instructions

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  • Step 2: Turn On Unknown Sources As Above Image
  • Step 3: Click On Download Button above
  • Step 4: You Will Be Redirected To Our Download Page
  • Step 5: Download & Install Nexomon Mod APK For Free
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Is the APK version downloadable for free?

Yes, players can download Nexomon mod APK for free on their devices.

On what devices is the mod APK version compatible?

The game’s compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Is the mod APK version safe?

Yes, when you download the mod APK version, rest assured that you wouldn’t face any device malfunction.

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