Love is very complicated and soothing at the same time. All of us have experienced first love in our lives and fantasized the romantic novels so much. If you are bored and searching for an exciting way to spend your time then Protect my Love is the perfect game for you. If you think that, this game will be as same as any other love game then you are wrong. The game has an amazing plot to be explored and offers you enormous joy and happiness. 

In this virtual world, you are a well-known assassin and have to kill three targets. You might be an assassin but, deep down you follow the principle to never kill any children or women. When you find out that the three targets are orphaned sisters, you abort the mission. What will happen next? Or what will you do next? Let us proceed and know more about this romantic journey.

What is Protect my Love?

Engage in a lovely affair without any effort in Protect my Love. It is a simulation game where you play the role of a talented assassin. When you were instructed to kill the three orphaned girls, you refused. Your righteous action has impressed the three sisters; in return, they offer you something that twisted the game plot. These three beautiful sisters request you to be their bodyguard. Do you think this offer could be refused by anyone? There is something in these girls that you can never deny on them.

Protect my Love has received much appreciation for its popularity and gameplay. This adventurous game was developed by a Japanese writer, who has put a lot of effort to build up this fairytale for all of us. This game is offered by Genius Studio Japan Inc. Protect my Love was released on 26th November 2019. The romantic game has received high ratings for its unique concept in the market.

About Protect my Love Mod Apk

The game is no less than any action movie. The storyline of Protect my Love Mod Apk is very interesting. You will get addicted to this game in a short time, no doubt why Protect my Love Mod Apk has gained so much popularity all around the world. In this game, you get many tricky situations and stories. To communicate with the characters of Protect my Love, two-three statements will appear on the screen. These statements represent your next move. You have to choose any one of them, be very careful while choosing the options. Because each one of them will lead to different plot twists. Your one decision can change the whole scenario.

Protect my Love Mod Apk is like a visual novel that requires your decision-making skills. Each plot will bring you a surprise. The three main characters are Julia, Cindy, and Katie. Each one of the sisters has different characteristics. Julia is the oldest sister; she is much matured and very responsible towards her family. It is not easy to gain her trust; she can go to any extent to protect her two little sisters. The second sister Cindy is very bubbly and generous towards others. Katie is the youngest cute little sister, but she has some different motives from others. Katie wants to take revenge on the culprits for killing their parents. It will be your responsibility to provide them safety; you can also flirt with them or fall in love with them. Your assassin character in Protect my Love Mod Apk is the hero of this virtual novel.

Features of Protect my Love Mod Apk

All love stories are unique in their ways, so is Protect my Love Mod Apk. This game is well crafted and filled with action, suspense, and budding romance. This game has great features that keep the players attached to the screen; let’s know more about them:

  • Awesome graphics and background music

Protect my Love Mod Apk is a 2D game. Everything on the screen is so prominent and the girls look so pretty. You will feel like you are living the actual life of their bodyguard. The beauty of these three orphan sisters will soothe your eyes and their sweet voice will please your ears.

  • Free premium 

What an opportunity is this? Premium statements of Protect my Love Mod Apk will no more need any diamond or gems to be unlocked. You can take the plot of the story to another level with the premium mode. 

  • No ruby

In this role-playing game, players don’t need to worry about resources. As there is no involvement of purchase or anything, game currency does not have much importance. So you can fully concentrate on your moves.

  •  Fights

You may be kind-hearted but not everyone is. Even if you abort the mission, others will try to kill the sisters. You fight fearlessly with others in Protect my Love Mod Apk to win this game. The girls are very dangerous and you are the shield between them and the world.

  • No advertisements

In the latest Mod Apk version of Protect my Love, no advertisements will ever create disturbance in your fairy tale. The players can fully concentrate on the gameplay.

Everyone has their own story; here the girls are dependent on you from the very beginning. Protect my Love Mod Apk will help shy ones to talk to girls easily. You are on a mission to save the three innocent beautiful characters in this game. It is an adventurous plot and is now available in the form of a simulation game. Whatever task you receive, you will have to compete it quickly before anyone attacks. The beauty of Katy, Cindy, and Julia are adored by many players. You are free to make any decision, no need to worry about the consequences. Once the game is on your device, you can play it as much as you want. These trials will be a great way to explore more of Protect my Lovers. This game is an amazing way to escape from your daily life and date a beautiful girl.

Protect my Love MOD APK Download

Name Protect my Love
Last Updated
10 June 2021
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Requires Android
5.0 and up
Current Version
Category Games >Adventure

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How To Download Protect my Love Mod On Android Instructions

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  • Step 2: Turn On Unknown Sources As Above Image
  • Step 3: Click On Download Button above
  • Step 4: You Will Be Redirected To Our Download Page
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How much space on a device is needed to download Protect my Love Mod Apk?

This game will occupy only 33 MB of space on your device.

Which is the latest version of this game?

V2.1.10 is the latest version of Protect my Love Mod Apk, which is also available on the website.

Do we need an internet connection for paying for this game?

Protect my Love Mod Apk is an online stimulus game that cannot run without the internet.

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