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Developed by Gamevil, Punch Hero Mod APK is a fighting video game, released across all android and iOS devices. It can be said that Punch Hero Mod APK is the most addictive and fun boxing game you would ever play. The game is based on another boxing game titled punch out the classic boxing video game as the last arcade gaming series developed by Nintendo around the 80s. Featuring powerful punches, boxer’s screams, realistic graphics, and an audience base Punch Hero Mod APK is the best boxing video game you would ever come across. 

What is Punch Hero? 

For anyone who loves boxing and is looking for realistic boxing arcade games, Punch Hero is the most appropriate game in that regard. The game’s immersive and engaging. Developers have truly come up with an international video game that carries on its search for a true boxer. The game would represent you as a national athlete. After you have selected the country you want to represent and enroll in, you are free to play, whatever tournaments and challenges you want to participate in. The game offers innumerable interesting elements which you would hardly find in other games. 

About Punch Hero Mod APK 

The main motto of players in the game is to monitor their character to defeat 18 other boxers. The game is full of different challenges. After you finish accomplishes one objective, you can move over to the next one. Punch Hero Mod APK has one mod version. The original version of the game isn’t as interesting as the modded version. To make sure the competition is tough and intense; the game incorporates equally talented boxers, so that they can put up a tough fight. The enemy can however be a boxer, robot, pirate, or a normal soul. No matter who you are fighting against, the person has weaknesses. You need to know their strengths and weaknesses to knock them out once and for all. 

Punch Hero Mod APK offers easy controls. The game’s easy to play but hard to win. That’s what most players have felt about the game. If you are to make a hook punch, simply swipe left. Swipe up to undercut. If you want to punch your enemy’s face, press the tab button. To protect yourself from the opponent’s attack, you can hold both fingers on the screen and form a shield. If you are defeated and the referee is counting down, touch the screen repeatedly to return to the position. If you are unable to do it in 10 seconds, you lose. 

Oftentimes, players think that the modded version of Punch Hero focuses on the player’s skill, reflexes, and dexterity. There are boxers with lots of strength and health points. That’s when you come to realize the importance of strength in the game. Even if you are a professional gamer, your odds of winning the mod version are low. That’s why, upgrading your character stats is important to enhance your performance rate. The stats that you can enhance are defense, attack, skill, speed, mana, HP, etc. Now that you have understood how the gameplay mechanics work in the game, let’s concentrate on its features. 

Features of Punch Hero Mod APK 

The game’s engaging and interesting more so because of its interesting features. Players have loved the extent and variety of contents we find in Punch Hero Mod APK. Let’s see the important features that the modded version has to offer. 

  • Create your boxer

The modded version allows players to create a character of their choice. The character can adapt to any gaming style and fight against its opponents. You can even customise the character as per your choice. For instance, you can form a character with a great beard or a nice hairstyle. You can even create characters like superheroes, robots, pirates, etc. 

  • Upgrade your character stats 

Gold is the main currency in the modded version. The modded version surprisingly offers unlimited gold to all players. Utilising the gold you can buy gold packages with real money. The Mod APK version allows players to shop for anything using unlimited gold coins anytime. However, you have to reach specific levels in the game where you get options to buy in-game items. 

  • Multiple Tournaments 

The modded version incorporates two gaming modes, which we have discussed in the next points. Besides these gaming modes that are exclusively available in the modded version, the game also brings innumerable tournaments like pro-League, amateur league, etc. While playing, you can upgrade your equipment using gold in the Mod APK version. You can visit several locations like skill Shop, training center, costume shop, challenger registry, etc. 

  • Arcade mode

The arcade mode is incorporated into the game to provide more content to players. The Mod APK version also offers the zombie mode which is exclusively available in the modded version only. This arcade mode brings innumerable challenges to players. All you have to concertante on is how to play smarter. 

  • Zombie mode

Besides bringing the 18 strongest and toughest boxes in the Mod APK version, developers also included the zombie mode in the modded version. As the name suggests, players have to have to fight against zombies to prove their bravery. This is the mode where you have to engage yourself in the best way possible. 

Overall, Punch Hero Mod APK is an addictive and fun video game. The game allows players to enjoy different styles of combat. The game also brings several challenges for players to compete in. There’s no dearth of content in the game. Playing against the AI, you wouldn’t feel bored. The unique effects signify pain. When you attack or knock out your opponents, they bleed. With the introduction of these realistic effects, your gaming experience is further enhanced. The soundtrack is as interesting as the graphics. By incorporating the right sound of punches, audience screams, etc. The ambiance of the game is further heightened. 

Punch Hero MOD APK Download

Name Punch Hero
Last Updated May 20, 2021
Offered by
Requires Android
4.2 and up
Current Version
Category Games >Sports

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How To Download Punch Hero Mod On Android Instructions

  • Step 1: Go To Settings > Security > Unknown Sources
  • Step 2: Turn On Unknown Sources As Above Image
  • Step 3: Click On Download Button above
  • Step 4: You Will Be Redirected To Our Download Page
  • Step 5: Download & Install Punch Hero Mod APK For Free
  • Step 6: After Completing The Installation You Can Enjoy the Punch Hero Mod For free


Does the modded version of Punch Hero have a multiplayer online mode?

No, Punch Hero Mod APK doesn’t have a multiplayer mode.

On what platforms can you play the modded version of Punch Hero?

Punch Hero Mod APK is compatible across all android and iOS devices.

Is the Punch Hero Mod APK version available for free?

Yes, the modded version of Punch Hero is available for free.

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