If you are having a boring time and wondering how to pass your time, there cannot be any better option than playing Returner 77. It’s a mysterious puzzle-solving video game. Players wake up from deep sleep in a frozen state, only to find stranded in an unknown ship. All the other companions, called Returners are nowhere to be found. They can be assumed to be dead except for one lady, Colonel T. Ling. Her sole objective for being there is to guide the player through his game’s events, prompting him to make the right choices and click on the right points to interact with others. 

Are you ready to set out on an entirely new journey, aiming to save humanity courageously? This amazing 3D puzzle-solving game has something new to offer. It transports people into a cinematic universe of space, there’s freely explorable. Solve the puzzles, sitting at home, and immerse yourself into a thrilling, visually pleasing gaming experience, while you uncover the mystery that Colonel Ling, (code name- returner 76) had left behind. 

What is Returner 77 about? 

Returner 77 is a puzzle video game, specially designed for android users. With this newly developed video game, you can experience a scientific 3D puzzle adventure video game that remains unbeaten by any other game. The story is immersive and engaging. Living in a post-alien world, you play as one of the two survivors of a deadly earth invasion. So, explore the universe, find out hidden secrets, complete missions, and progress forward. 

This newly introduced Android video game comes with one of the best combinations of puzzles and adventure. Not just that, there are also mystery and challenging tasks included in this game. Players are recommended to play this game with earphones so that they can feel the dynamic soundtrack better. 

When the game begins, the human race is also extinct after going through a deadly, devastating attack on earth. Like we already mentioned the player is a highly trained operative who has managed to survive this attack. Experts like you are required to rebuild the human race. As you help the helpless to survive, you also have to solve puzzles and find out mysteries about the spaceship to know what went wrong. 

As you start to explore the vast universe of Returner 77, stories behind it unfold. To know more, you have to perform tasks, solve puzzles and look for clues. The more you progress, the tougher would be the puzzles. 

The story is narrated from the first-period perspective. This game is the first game in the returner universe that was designed for PC or console and released first on mobile. No matter where you play this game, developers have ensured that you play flawlessly and enjoy every aspect of it. 

About Returner 77 APK 

You would be surprised to know that Returner 77 has an APK version which is even more interesting! Players can run, jump, slide, match and do whatever it takes to solve puzzles and gather clues. Exploring the devastating universe due to a post-alien invasion can be the only key to progressing in this game. In short, this can be considered to be the ultimate space mystery video game. 

The APK version brings a wide variety of puzzles for players. Players never have to solve similar two puzzles ever while playing. What’s even better is that the APK version incorporates easy controls! So, puzzle-solving and exploring are now easier in the APK version! The detailed graphics further enhance the gaming experience of users. The towering shapes of the alien ships would leave anyone staring at them. 

If you are new at solving mystery puzzle games, this game might take a while to be understood. The gameplay has been made quite detailed and intricate with the addition of various elements and information. The game is designed in such a manner that players have to question their existence and objective. Finding answers to those questions constitutes an important part of this game. 

If you are looking for adventure and mystery, all in one, this game is ideal for you. It remains to be one of the best puzzle games ever made. Now, you must be willing to know the features of the APK version. We have discussed it in detail below. 

Features of Returner 77 APK 

Returner 77 APK is an interesting, space mystery, puzzle-solving video game. If you take pleasure in looking for hidden clues, solving puzzles, and unfolding hidden mysteries, there can’t be any better game than Returner 77 APK. The game is so interesting because of its amazing features. We would now go through some of them in detail below. 

  • Excellent 3D graphics 

The right choice of graphics intensifies the gaming environment. It enhances the gaming experience of players. While you play the game, you are bound to get lost in the detailed, smooth graphics of the game. Complementing the graphics is the soundtrack. Everything is in sync and gives the result of incredible gameplay. 

  • Solve exciting puzzles 

The APK version gives players the chance to solve a wide range of puzzles anytime. They don’t have to complete definite levels for that. The APK version unlocks every puzzle to be accessed and solved. Also, players are free to explore the entire space in search of clues. Solving the puzzles needs one to be intelligent and fast. 

  • An ad-free premium experience

You wouldn’t like any sort of interference while playing. Unwanted interruptions not only frustrate players not also affect their gaming experience. Returner 77 APK allows players to enjoy an ad-free, thorough gaming time. 

  • Intuitive interface and sleek design

The design of the APK version is also quite user-friendly. Exploring through the game isn’t difficult at all. Perhaps this is another reason why players play the APK version repeatedly. 

Being a quality development, Returner 77 APK will persuade anyone to play the game again and again. One can never get enough of this game. It’s varied and interesting, more so because of the innumerable elements it incorporates. The storyline is also addictive, easy to learn, and suitable for anyone to be played. While you play the game, you might go through different emotions at the same time. You might feel anxious, curious, and nervous at the same time. The extraordinarily unique puzzles in the game are its main attraction. When the game was related, critics and gamers across the world liked it. Even today, several players enjoy playing Returner 77 APK. So, if you haven’t yet downloaded the game, what are you waiting for! Quickly download it now and enjoy sitting back at home! 

Returner 77 MOD APK Download

Name Returner 77
Last Updated
9 May 2018
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Requires Android
4.4 and up
Current Version
Category Games >Puzzle

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How To Download Returner 77 Mod On Android Instructions

  • Step 1: Go To Settings > Security > Unknown Sources
  • Step 2: Turn On Unknown Sources As Above Image
  • Step 3: Click On Download Button above
  • Step 4: You Will Be Redirected To Our Download Page
  • Step 5: Download & Install Returner 77 Mod APK For Free
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On which platforms is Returner 77 APK compatible?

The game has been specially made to be played on a variety of android devices.

Is the game available for free?

Yes, the APK version of Returner 77 can be played for free.

From where can I download the APK version?

You can download it from the Google Play store anytime, for free.


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