Shadow of Death MOD APK is an action-based RPG game that is played by a lot of people across the world. Three months after the release of the game, it was officially downloaded by almost 1 million people all over the world. For a long time now, action-based RPG Games have provided players with an amazing gaming experience. 

People always remain attracted to such kinds of games. These games have always been positioned at the best in the game market. Post the success of an entire series of the game which was released before their scheduled release. A publisher like Zonmob Game Studio has declared an official release of this very popular action-based game to the gaming market. The game is a fantastic combination of engaging gameplay with characteristics of dark colour. This game can lead you to discover numerous mysteries. Shadow of Death is such a game that has a long and in-depth plot. The plot offers a lot of information regarding the game. 

What is the game?

Shadow of Death has been shot in the City of Light, where King Luther constructs a peaceful, wealthy, kingdom powered by the prime gods who are there in heaven. The king introduced the Council of Thunder. This council is supposedly going to safeguard the old knowledge that was lost for more than thousands of years. All the knowledge on earth and in heaven, from Astrology, Magic, Medicine, etc., which are governed by the Thunder that you get from the palm. The players are thankful to the council; King Luther developed the highly prosperous group present in the world led by Auron. 

Apk of the game 

The Mod apk version of this game has a lot to offer. It offers many more added features than the basic version of the game. Though, the tragedy can be seen at any point in the game. One fine day, King Lutheran’s beloved sister became ill and then, died. As a matter of grief, the king went ahead to the council for discovering out a way out to make his sister get back from being dead. 

With his outstanding knowledge, he mixed medicine, magic as well as Alchemy for creating all remedies. Though, in the process of production, everything has become prominent in creating the most terrific epidemic of humanism. Everything went ahead during the explosion of the lab; people saw the spread of the epidemic all through the kingdom. 

Then, the king can be seen to disappear. The monsters look all across the kingdom. Probably no one can prevent this epidemic from happening. At this moment, a knight called Max, who was the commander of the army of King Luther XIV, had just got back after a war with their neighbour. He was lucky to be provided with the power of different gods but then he lost all of his memory. The Mod apk version of this game offers a lot to the players. 

Features of APK 

You must know about the features of the game in general. But, you’ll be surprised to know that the mod apk version of the game offers you a lot more than you can imagine. So, take a look at the features of the shadow of death Mod apk: 

  • Unlimited money 

The first and foremost feature of this game is that it offers unlimited money to the players. The players can get unlimited money in the game. This money can be used for several purposes in the game. You can also use it for making purchases in the game. 

  • Free to play 

This game is free to play. It can be played for free on any platform you want. You just need to download and install the game file before you can start playing it. 

  • Unlock new character packs 

With the mod apk version of this game, the players can unlock as many characters of their choice. These characters are very new and are exclusively included in this game. 

  • New weapons 

The Mod apk version of the shadow of death gives you access too many new weapons. You can use this weapon for making different movements throughout the game. 

Hence, the Shadow of Death Mod Apk is an excellent game to play. It is a role-playing game with components of an action shot in a very dark setup. You should give it a try if you want to avail a distinctive gaming experience. 

Shadow of Death MOD APK Download

Name Shadow of Death
Last Updated
16 April 2021
Offered by
Requires Android
5.0 and up
Current Version
Category Games >Action

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Can you play this game on IOS devices?

This game can be played on both Android as well as IOS devices.

Is the game horror-related?

The game is not horror-related but it comprises elements of dark RPG.

Dies the game have bugs?

All the bugs have been fixed and the game runs very smoothly now.

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