The Shark Tank Tycoon aims at the people who have the talent of risking their careers for receiving different advantages. This game will let you invest in the game constantly and so many other businesses, even when you turn them into different income sources for the development to happen in the future. Although, every business can be used for producing just one item and all players can choose whatever they want themselves about the kind of item that they sell, such as canned pizza.

 Every item has its value and they can produce idle rewards if the player is offline or away. The players can try unlocking more developed businesses, with many high-class products like the very heavy things, or even the parts. Every item has its value, and they have a distinctive system of development. 

What is the game about? 

The Shark Tank Tycoon is a simulation game that derives its origin from the very famous TV show on different business matters. In this game, the player has to accept an invitation for becoming a genuine Shark and creating a great empire. Every day for achieving the positive outcomes which yield impressive rewards too. The user just has to accept the tasks and quests, for investing in different projects for the acquisition of the business of different agents, hiring assistants as well as experienced managers. 

About Apk of the Game

The apk version of this game allows you to give yourself a try as a Shark by turning into one of the richest people on Earth, investing very wisely, and starting your business. You are just a Shark and you require finding a renowned business that can help you in acquiring a great amount of money. 

Additionally, the game can be seen hosting many seasonal happenings which offer you the opportunity to become good at it and earn yourself a good professional title. Many other features can be accessed in the apk version of Shark Tank Tycoon. 

Features of Apk 

The people who wish to start up, certainly cannot miss the very famous American TV series known as Shark Tank. With the passing by of every season, the program leaves behind a mark including a series of different candidates who make investments and then support the Shark for continuing their business. For now, you don’t need to become a very tough start-up. Since when you are joining the Shark Tank Tycoon, you are provided the chance of becoming one of the richest investors. Some important features of Shark Tank Tycoon MOD APK are as follows: 

  • Unlimited money 

The players can have unlimited money in the game because no matter how much you play, the money that you invest in the game doesn’t get reduced. This is a remarkable feature of Shark Tank Tycoon. 

  • Manager unlocking 

As you keep investing more and more, the workload will be increasing. If they are not able to control all those activities happening in the business, their company might come to an end soon. This is something that you would certainly not want to happen because it can affect your money as well as your reputation. 

You must be thinking about what is an effective solution to this. You can solve this problem by hiring different managers for your work. Hiring the managers can be helpful for you to run the business apart from managing it, for keeping it running seamlessly. 

  • Missions and events 

All the activities are very engaging. It can blow a new wind completely into the game, providing the players with something new to be done. Also, in case you are new to the world of sharks, you must be joining all activities for improving your impression and earning more money that can be invested. 

  • New activities 

The Shark Tank Tycoon features a system of events that is well organized in a very short period as well as a system of daily quests. They provide a good bonus, but it can be done very simply. For instance, you might choose an up-gradation for your business consequently three times or even make your investment successful in just two deals per day, then earning rewards for the same. 

The Shark Tank Tycoon is a very interesting game from the simulation genre. It provides the perfect gameplay and is a good dose of entertainment which can also allow you to brush up on your business-based knowledge. If you are a fanatic of the TV show called Shark Tank, you would certainly not want to skip this game. What are you even waiting for? The chances of beckoning a rich Shark are not distant now. Just download and install the game on your device to start experiencing. 

Shark Tank Tycoon MOD APK Download

Name Shark Tank Tycoon
Last Updated April 6, 2021
Publisher Sony Pictures Television
Current Version
Category Games > 

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What is the size of this game file?

The size of this game file is 91 mb.

Which version of android does it require?

It requires android 5.0

To which category does the game belong?

The game belongs to the category of simulation games.

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