It has been the constant initiative on the part of the game developers to curate game content, which is unique and exciting. Moreover, the need of surprising the gamers and satisfying them with the gameplay has been of paramount importance. Besides, the new trend has also been combining different gaming storylines into one main game content. Such pursuit of gaming needs has resulted in the creation of the famous game Shellfire APK. 

Dunia Games have developed shellfire APK. The game is a lethal combination of two ground-breaking gaming genres known as FPS and MOBA. This means that the game has amazing vibrant and immaculate graphics. Moreover, most importantly, the game can be played in a multiplayer mode online, in which the opponents face each other on a predefined battlefield. 

Shellfire APK has been ranked as one of the best multiplayer battle games, which has a defined storyline. Often in the case of such games, the players remain interested in the gameplay rather than the story. However, in the case of Shellfire APK, the background story has been given equal importance, which has further enhanced the game playing experience. Therefore, if you have not played the game yet, it is high time that you do. 

What is the game about?

The game is about fighting evil for saving the only habitable planet for the human race. The game begins with a place called Dawn Guards in which the people are taught about their real purpose in life. This purpose revolves around protecting the beacon of hope for the entire human race. Moreover, they also teach people about restoring peace in the land. However, the game begins when this value is opposed. 

The members of the Revenant Corp are evidently against the peacebuilders. Therefore, this has made the maintenance of peace and goodness in the world a difficult task. The people belonging to Revenant Corp are overly ambitious and want to rule the world at the cost of anything. Hence, the battle between good and evil is imperative. Such fierce battles decide the fate of the human race. 

Such a beautiful storyline with detailed characters and their accessories for fighting the battle add an extra edge to the game. This means that the game Shellfire APK has all the ingredients to make the player sit at the edge of his or her seat. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you go through the game-playing experience once. 

About Shellfire APK

The APK version of the game provides an open map in which the player can roam about and subsequently select the warrior of the region on the map. Each of the warriors has unique characteristics and functions. A warrior might be a Tanker, an Attack, or a Support. Such a game feature is one of its kind and has been a fruitful result of the combination of MOBA and FPS. 

The game controls are easy to understand and practice. The controls are somewhat similar to the controls in an FPS game. However, there are a few additional controls or keys like the virtual key, which is used to move. There are other keys too like the key used for shooting and some other special keys for performing character-specific special skills. 

The primary purpose of the game is to defeat the opponent or the enemy hordes. In the APK version of the game, the player can unlock and upgrade the auxiliary jade in the system of Dengan Rune Master. Moreover, in this version, the player has access to all the characters available in the game without having to wait to unlock them gradually. This enhances the game playing experience and satisfies the player. 

Features of the APK

Shellfire APK has some unique features, which add an extra edge to the game. Let us look at some of these features as stated below.

  • Unlimited Characters

The game has a list of diversified warriors or heroes. In the APK version of the game, you can have access to all these characters. For instance, the player can opt for a Tanker who has the role to protect fellow fighting kin and damage the enemies. If the player opts for an Attack then such a character would lead the army from the front and receive all the heavy blows. Support protects the Attack. Moreover, there are other warriors with other skills too.

  • New Game Modes and Challenges

This is another exciting feature of the game Shellfire APK. Under such a feature, the player can enjoy an endless list of new challenges offered by the different game modes. These gaming modes are Escord, Capture Points, and Death Match. Moreover, the game also has an added playing mode with an uncommon challenge posed by the zombies. This mode is known as Zombie Rush.

  • Multiplayer Mode

The game is a combination of FPS and MOBA. This makes the game truly amazing as the player can go solo by taking part in individual challenges or play along with four other peers to raise the ranking. This 5P team makes the game exciting to play and does not let the player feel too pressured due to low performance. Teamwork is always better. 

  • Unique Game Design

The FPS feature of the game makes it easy on the eyes. This means that the game visuals are truly beautiful and enticing. It is the graphics of the game, which initially hold the attention of the player to the game until he or she discovers other important features. Moreover, the game is designed in such a way that it is constantly updated with changes and the latest tactics. 

One of the best action-strategy games based on a combination of FPS and MOBA genres, Shellfire APK satisfies the player not only with its gameplay but also with the other features and gaming modes. It has an endless list of interesting characters and multiplayer options to play. Therefore, stop thinking and start playing today by downloading Shellfire APK. 

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Are all the characters available in the APK version?

Yes, all the characters are accessible and available in the APK version of the game.

How many rounds are there in Zombie Rush?

There are 10 rounds in total in Zombie Rush.

What is the storage space required by the game?

The storage space required by the game is a minimum of 1.5 GB.

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