Even after the emergence of so many different genres of mobile and console games, shooting games are still loved by hard-core gamers. There are many shooting games in the market and all of them have their features and gameplay. Slaughter 3: The Rebels is a super exciting shooting game that has a lot of new and unique features to offer. Continue reading this post till the post to know everything about this game. 

What is Slaughter 3 the Rebels?

Slaughter 3: The Rebels is a follow-up to Slaughter 2. It has been launched by Ray Spark. It is an appealing shooter game that can be played from the perspective of the third person. It has been set in a prison on which you must keep fighting dangerous criminals so that you can acquire life. While playing the game, you can feel the suspense and excitement in the mission of each main character. If you feel bored of other survival games, you must try this wonderful shooting game which had a very interesting storyline. The Rebels is such a shooting game that is rated very high by the critics and players. The game has been sold on the Google Play platform for a nominal price but it can be downloaded for free through the apk file. 

About Apk of the game

The apk version of Slaughter 3: The Rebels offers a lot more features than the basic version of the game. It offers intuitive controls, 3D graphics, an engaging storyline, and so much more. The best part about this game is that it is very easy to download. Once the download is complete, you can just complete the installation of the game file and start playing it right away. Some of the top features of this game are mentioned ahead. 

Features of Apk 

Slaughter 3 the rebels Apk has got some distinctive features to offer. These features are exclusively included in the Apk version only. If you haven’t tried this game out yet, you must try it out real soon. But first, know the features: 

  • Multiple grenades 

The Apk version of Slaughter 3 the Rebels offers multiple grenades to the players. These grenades can be used to attack your enemies in the game. Though in the basic version of the game, you have to acquire the grenades on your own or buy them with real money. But, the apk version provides you lots of grenades free. 

  • Endless ammo supply 

The game also presents an endless supply of ammo to its players. Ammo is an important component that you need to survive through the game. Ammunition is required throughout the game as you keep proceeding and reaching new levels. There are games in which you have to purchase ammunition packs too but with Slaughter 3 the rebels Apk, you don’t have to worry about the ammo getting exhausted as it gets supplied endlessly.

  • Immortality 

So, this is another significant feature offered in the game. The character you choose is immortal and gets revived by itself. You can continue playing the entire game without dying. What else does a player need? 

  • Increased money 

The game offers you an increase in the amount of money with every purchase you make. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? Money is an essential part of any game as without money you cannot make the required upgrades to your character and cannot even proceed further in the game. Basically, for everything in a game you need money. With Slaughter 3 the rebels Apk, you can stop worrying about how to collect money. Just keep playing and you’ll be offered unlimited money. 

  • Free in-app purchases 

App purchases are there in almost every game nowadays. These purchases make the game look even more interesting and exciting to the players. With the help of these app purchases, you can buy different equipment in the game and also upgrade your character. It also allows you to customize your character in the way you want. However, for the customization, you might have to choose the purchases offered in the game which is free with Slaughter 3 the rebels Apk.

  • Unlimited weapons

Weapons are a very essential factor in any shooting game. Those who enjoy playing shooting games also love to explore the different kinds of guns. It is quite obvious to know that every weak has their weakness and strengths. But, all of them need experience and skill. Slaughter 3 the rebels offer several kinds of guns like rifles, machine guns, pistols, shotguns, etc. You can also equip more and more melee weapons along with grenades. Keep searching for pharmaceuticals and medicine in the trash or anywhere on the map. 

Hence, the Slaughter 3 Rebels allows you to avail yourself of a 3D shooting experience with attractive gameplay for all Android devices which can remove the difference between mobile games and console games. In this game, the player had to play for a trapped hero who arranges the violent and angry prison. You have to help him in getting out of the hell in which he is trapped. In the hidden city, the employee base for any prison complex can be seen in the Apocalypse which is the most terrific criminal from different parts of the world. They can break out the security of the competition and seize the power available in the city amongst the residents who can remain alive along with you. The apk version of the game offers many interesting features.

Slaughter 3 The Rebels MOD APK Download

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Last Updated
13 December 2019
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Requires Android
4.4 and up
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Which category does this game belong to?

This game belongs to the category of shooter games.

Who is the publisher of this game?

The publisher of this game is Ray spark.

What is the language in which the interface of this game works?

The interface of this game works in Russian and English language. You can also choose any one between the two.

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