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Smashing Rush Mod APK is an endless runner video game that takes place in parallel universes offering a bunch of obstacles and a host of characters for players to choose from. The game puts to test your ability to run, roll and ride. Run as far as possible. Play as any character of your choice and enjoy a futuristic race. Every character is unique and has access to different vehicles like legs, broom, stroller, skate, etc. If you are interested in immersing yourself in this amazing runner video game, download it now on your device and enjoy!

The only thing you must keep in mind while playing Smashing Rush Mod APK is that the game isn’t easy at all. This is an engaging run game without an end. The game incorporates amazing gameplay elements, without any shortage of content. You definitely cannot ignore this game because it’s fun and would surely leave you satisfied. 

What is Smashing Rush? 

Smashing Rush allows you to play as your favourite character and run as far as possible. The game is an excellent development, incorporating elements of parkour and obstacles. Needless to say, your way would be filled with innumerable hindrances that you must overcome. What players have to do is simple. They have to collect coins and move further in the game. The game has very simple controls, with which players can completely utilise the capabilities of the gaming characters and unravel their true potentials. 

Smashing Rush is an interesting arcade platformer video game that allows players to take control of the main character. Players can run on the roofs of high-rise buildings, watch sunsets from sea beaches and balconies and enjoy in their way. Remember that the tracks would be filled with numerous traps that would affect the progress of the character. Using double or single jumps, the character must overcome the obstacles in the way and move forward. Besides avoiding threats, the player also has to collect coins mindfully. Using these coins, players can customise their characters and enhance their efficiencies or potentials. What makes the game a success is its simple gameplay. Though the game is engaging and difficult, its easy gameplay mechanism balances it out perfectly. 

Surely, players would get immersed in this amazing game. A mere lack of attention can prove to be deadly. So pay attention as you pay and avoid traps as much as you can. Stay alert and use tricks to avoid hindrances. 

About Smashing Rush Mod APK

In the official version of Smashing Rush, the main tasks of players remain the same. They control any of the 21 characters as they wish. They have to utilise the capabilities of the major characters and journey along difficult roads to conquer the most difficult stages of the journey and emerge victoriously in the end. Players have to climb to the highest peaks in the city, to get a clear overview of the entire city. Mostly, the game can be played using two main buttons, dash, and jump. If you are to jump, place the left button on the screen. If you have to double jump, you just press the button twice in succession. If you come across any blue wall in your path, you can click on the virtual button present on the right side of your screen to dash and travel through the blue walls. 

The first level can be easily completed. Initially, everything seems simple and difficulties can be evaded with ease. But of course, you cannot maintain the same playstyle throughout the game. There will be times when players would dash against the wall or fall into a trap set or fall off a high-rise building. That would be the tragic end of any character. Isn’t the game scary? 

How about, if you die due to any unavoidable circumstance, the modded version of Smashing Rush allows players to play again and start a new journey. Every time, to encounter traps and accidents, you emerge cleverer surely.   

At every level, players have to complete certain tasks, such as triple jump, etc. As you complete these tasks, you would be given rewards and bonuses in the modded version. Players sometimes receive interesting gifts. If you can complete the additional tasks, the Mod APK version would allow you to unlock additional characters! Make sure to collect the gold coins that get accumulated slowly. Now that you have come to know how the game works, we would go through the features of the Mod APK version. 

Features of Smashing Rush Mod APK 

Smashing Rush is no doubt an interesting, handsome endless runner video game. Have you ever wondered what else does the game have to offer? We have enlisted some of the amazing features that Smashing Rush Mod APK offers to its players. 

  • 21 interesting characters

The game offers 21 interesting characters for players to choose from. Each of the characters is unique and comes with unique capabilities. The best part is you can use cash or coins in the Mod APK version to unlock the other additional characters. 

The characters can be batman, Deadpool, Bruce Lee, power ranger, etc. The variety of characters available in the game makes the Mod APK version more diverse and enjoyable. 

  • Three modes

Smashing Rush Mod APK has three different modes. They are stage mode, item rush mode, and challenge mode. Every mode poses different types of challenges to players. Players have to stay focused and dodge obstacles to progress further.

  • Impressive graphics

Another great feature of Smashing Rush Mod APK is its enhanced graphics. The visuals are designed using intuitive control systems and colorful art. The characters are funny and cute. To prevent the game from becoming boring, developers have added different maps at different levels in the game. 

  • Amazing soundtrack 

The game contains the right balance of the soundtrack and graphics. The game incorporates amazing sound quality with EDM soundtracks that you can enjoy for hours. 

Endless Classic runner video games never go out of fashion. Smashing Rush Mod APK is one such game that players have always enjoyed playing. If you haven’t tried this game out, probably it’s time to give it a try. The Mod APK version is far more interesting and offers a plethora of perks to players. The game has just the right proportions of adventure, excitement, fun, thrill, etc. 

Smashing Rush MOD APK Download

Name Smashing Rush
Last Updated
8 September 2019
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Requires Android
4.1 and up
Current Version
Category Games >Arcade
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Is Smashing Rush Mod APK available for free?

Yes, one can download this game for free, anytime, anywhere.

What perks does the Mod APK version provide?

With the modded version of Smashing Rush, one can get access to unlimited money. One can also unlock the additional characters that are otherwise inaccessible in the official version.

How many characters can you access in the Mod APK version?

The game offers accessibility to 21 characters and more.

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