Platformer games are a whole new category of games that require a lot of enthusiasm and imagination to be played. However, the amount of fun and excitement that comes with these games is completely worth the strategies you need to create for playing the game. This post is about a beta popular platformer game called Spike City and its mod apk version. 

What is Spike City?

The Spike City is a game in which you have to control a critter that is headed like a spike. You must keep jumping through a sequence of different levels, sliding, and swiping to prevent all obstacles that come your way. Similar to many other games developed by Nitrome you just can’t stop while moving. You will hit against a wall and the majority of the time you can just keep the finger slid down to remain stuck to all bricks. There are many twists in the game throughout and there are many blocks that don’t let you stick upon. Some of the blocks even move around allowing you to pass by things that are lethal enough to kill you. 

The game only has a single way of winning but there are several ways in which you can die. Sharp knives, giant rocks, and lava are the vital factors that can be an obstacle in your path. Just once out of all, the game has to end and you will have to restart the game from the beginner’s point. When levelling up, you will find a significant increase in the complexity involved in the game so you just need to play with full concentration. Before deciding to give up, just keep trying your best and gather information from other players about overcoming tough levels. You can also find a boss at a few levels. 

About Spike City MOD Apk 

Spike City MOD Apk is a platform-based game that needs a lot of agility and imagination from the players. There might be instances that would make you feel like you are stuck without having any escapade. The games published by this game develop are always unique and gave intense gameplay but you can always find them with new titles. So many players love this game and that is enough to witness the charm of the game. Presently, the game is supportive of both Android OS and IOS to allow all users to make the best experience out of it. Before downloading the game, you can just go through the reviews to know about unknown yet interesting facts about this game. 

Features of Apk

As mentioned above this game already has so much to offer including extraordinary features. However, with the mod apk version of this game, you can get a lot many features which are a plus for you. So, to know more about the exciting features offered by Spike City MOD Apk read below: 

  • New moves

Very different from other games, the moves included in this game are new. You are just supposed to play a few times for becoming familiar with the movements included in the game before you start to play. Every component of a design of a game has its meaning and you must find it out for appropriate use and get higher chances of a win. 

  • New gameplay 

In Spike City MOD Apk, you can have several options that can help you in calculating your speed, momentum, and trajectory so that you can jump and climb over walls. It also helps you in breaking through several pitfalls. The game has very simple gameplay and you just need to swipe up across the screen either left or right for controlling the red coloured knife. The adventure is completed by the main character. But you should be aware of a fact that is asserting this game as easy can be done by no one. You must know the proper skills and mastery for overcoming all pitfalls in the game.

  • New design

Another remarkable feature of the mod apk version of Spike City is that it has a very new classic design in both the aspects of gameplay and design. You might find the control options to be a bit difficult at times but the virtual space offered in the game can provide you an exhilarating adventure along with all characters that are properly presented. 

  • Unlock new characters 

The total money that you earn whenever you play the game is utilized for unlocking many new characters as well. If you want you can’t also buy your desired characters with real cash. With new characters, you can get so much inspiration and motivation to reach new and difficult levels in the game. Regardless of the character, you are about to use, just remember to stay away from the lava. There is a quicker way by which you can unlock your desired characters through the mod apk version of Spike City. 

  • Unlimited challenges & money

The mod apk version of Spike City takes you through unlimited challenges which help you earn unlimited money. You can also remove all advertisements popping up in the middle of the game to get a better experience. 

To conclude, this game is full of fun and excitement. You are going to enjoy it a lot if you are a fan of playing platformer games. The game has so many new challenges to offer every alternative day and particularly with the mod apk version, it becomes way more exciting for the players. The mod version of this game is very easy to download and you can find it on the internet. Just make sure that you download the apk file of the game from a reliable source only to avoid welcoming unwanted threats to your data and device. 

Spike City MOD APK Download

Name Spike City
Last Updated
19 June 2018
Offered by
Requires Android
3.0 and up
Current Version
Category Games >Action

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How To Download Spike City Mod On Android Instructions

  • Step 1: Go To Settings > Security > Unknown Sources
  • Step 2: Turn On Unknown Sources As Above Image
  • Step 3: Click On Download Button above
  • Step 4: You Will Be Redirected To Our Download Page
  • Step 5: Download & Install Spike City Mod APK For Free
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What is the category to which this game belongs?

This game belongs to the category of adventure games.

What is the size of the mod apk file of this game?

The size of mod apk file of this game is 19 m.

Is there any other feature that you can get in the mod apk version?

Another feature that you can get in the mod apk version of Spike City is unlimited gold.

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