Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile-friendly role-playing action game developed by Capital Games and distributed by Electronic Arts. The game was released worldwide on 24 November 2015 and received critical acclamation from most critics and players. Especially marked for its complexity, interesting gameplay, and soundtrack, the game had certainly been one of the best role-playing games ever made. 

What is Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes? 

In this game, players can pick their favourite star war characters, create teams, train them and command them in battles. Using your team, you can wage war in the galaxy. The game offers several ways to collect characters: some are assigned to players in the beginning while some are gained as they win in-game rewards upon completion of certain missions and tasks.  

The battles are divided into several rounds. The character with the fastest speed attribute ranks the first. Every team is made up of 4 to 6 hologram avatars that will fight for players until they are all defeated by the opponent’s team. Developers have introduced several rounds and missions, so that players don’t get bored playing the same missions again and again. With a variety of content to offer, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is worth playing. 

About Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes APK

In the mod APK version of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, one can enjoy the best role-playing game ever created because of its enhanced graphics and soundtrack. This version is extremely realistic and lifelike. The game offers a plethora of additional perks and mysterious opportunities to players which further intensifies the game’s ambiance. Create your ultimate teams that are unbeatable and undefeatable. 

Players can include any RPG champion character into their team to strengthen their team’s score, win easily and emerge as the hero of the universe. 

However, winning the mod APK version of Star Wars requires every player to have their strategies and plans. The game doesn’t have any set rules and your performance in the game determines how long you survive! The game allows players to upgrade their characters from time to time and gain more powers and abilities. Every time you complete tasks and upgrade your character, you emerge to be more powerful. 

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod APK incorporates several levels, each with varying difficulties and challenges. Thus, the game has a lot of scopes to offer to players. This game enables players to play in cooperation with champions, allowing them to learn and improve slowly. 

Features of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes APK

Players can pick any character of their choice from every period and add new characters and champions too! Creating and customising your team, making strategic, tactical choices, and equipping your team with the right weapons are all you need to do to wage the ultimate galactic struggle. As you upgrade your character, you also get to unlock several skills and options that only enhance your performance in the game. Some of the best features of the Mod APK version have been mentioned below.  

  • Easily navigable home screen

The home screen of the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod APK version is clean and user-friendly. There’s hardly any browsing problem players usually face. It’s extremely easy to jump from one mode to the other and change the game settings. Players have loved the game’s user interface. 

  • Easy gameplay

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes follows an interesting storyline. The gameplay of its mod APK version has been made more interesting by the addition of several perks, customisation options, and whatnot. The game also provides players with a tutorial which is helpful for beginners. 

  • Unlimited Crystals

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes employ currencies in the form of crystals. These crystals are used for buying bronzium and chromium data cards. These data cards are necessary for trading shards or characters. These crystals are also used for buying or shipping. In the original version, these crystals are always available in limited quantities. However, if you play the mod APK version of the game, you would be flooded with unlimited crystals. Thus, it will help you enormously in trading for new characters, buying data cards, shipping, and doing any other kind of commercial activity. 

  • Unlock All Characters

Accessing locked characters in the original game is tough. When you start playing the game, you would need to upgrade your character for performing better than your enemies. Upgrading comes at a price. Soon you will starve to improve your abilities and power. For trading new characters or upgrading old ones, you need data cards, either chromium or bronzium ones. Sadly, they are also available in limited amounts. 

The easiest way to get all these is by downloading the mod APK version of Star Wars. With unlimited access to new characters, you can unlock your favourite character anytime, upgrade the old ones, customise them as you wish and play the game in your way! 

As you can see, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod APK allows you to enjoy an intense soundtrack and realistic graphics, giving you enhanced visibility and experience. Developers have incorporated detailed work on the characters, their appearance, enemies, surroundings, and battles. The mod APK version of this game renders a stunning sci-fi universe feel. It impresses players with its complexity. Incorporating all fun features, beginning from gameplay elements, combat mechanics, visuals, additional perks, and customisation options, the game offers the peak of fun and enjoyment. So what are you waiting for! Have fun accessing unlimited crystals, upgrading your character, waging wars, and becoming the master of the galaxy! 

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes MOD APK Download

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12 March 2021
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4.4 and up
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How To Download Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod On Android Instructions

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Why should players download the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod APK version?

Players should prefer the mod APK version because it’s more interesting and offers additional perks like unlimited crystals, character upgrades, weapons, enhanced graphics, and soundtrack, etc.

Is Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod APK compatible with all android versions?

Yes, the game is compatible with all versions of Android.

How much does Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod APK cost?

The game is available free of cost.

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