The game The School – White Day APK is a popular adventure category game that has been published under the banner of SONNORI. The game is now running on version 21.1.84 and it takes up about 75 MB of free space to download and install. To install this game you will require a minimum of Android 4.4 or above. The game The School – White Day APK is now available for free to download from the APK file. The last time it was updated was on 11th June 2020 which removed all the small bugs and errors from the game.

Experience horror genre games from a whole new point of view with The School – White Day APK. The game has almost more than 50,000 downloads till now with digital purchases open in it. Players will be able to access game stores to purchase different in-game items. The in-app product of the game starts from $0.99 and ends at $2.99per item. 

What is the game?

The story of The School – White Day APK is about a high school called Yeondu High School and its students. The story is about a student called Hui-min who does not like to study and feels that it is boring. Hui-min does not like coming to school but the pressure from his parents makes him attend school daily. Like any other normal day, the last class of Yeondu High school ends after sunset, and Hui-min on his way back home realizes that he has left something back at his school so he goes back to look for it. 

When he reaches the school he forgets why he is hereafter meeting an unknown female student at school. The two of them end up talking for a long time and then they start discovering new places in the school as the game progresses. All of a sudden everything ends up engulfed in a frightening dark and silent setting. 

The game starts with a short video where players will be given a summary of the story for better understanding. In the game, players will be playing the character of Hui-min where they will be interacting with different friends at school and finally writing the story of his fate. The game is quite intense and playing it alone at night could be quite scary.

About APK

If you are thinking of playing The School – White Day then the best way to get it on your mobile phone is through the APK file. The APK file is quite easy to download and install and is available everywhere without any problem. The controls of The School – White Day APK are a bit complicated but players can surely figure out the game after spending some time on it. The game APK file has some great role-playing elements in it making it quite an interactive and fun game to play. Downloading The School – White Day APK file from the internet is safe so players will not have to worry about any other thing.

Features of APK

The School – White Day APK is quite a popular horror game available in the market now. Here is a list of features available in the game which makes it a must-play for all.

  • Rich Storyline

The game does not have any overly gory scenes and there is absolutely no option of using guns or knives to use. The storyline has been kept original to the main character. The game is filled with possessed ghosts and janitors with different mysterious pasts.

  • Supports multiple languages

The game The School – White Day APK has attracted attention from all across the globe and this is the reason why the developers decided to make it available in multiple languages. Some of the languages The School – White Day APK is available in are Japanese, Russian, Italian, German, French, Spanish, English, and Korean.

  • Strong customer support

The developers of The School – White Day have strong customer support which helps players when they face any issue with the game. This feature is new to games like this and has received a lot of appreciation from the gamer community.

  • 3D Graphics

Graphics is something that players have worked hard on and made it look original. The School – White Day APK helps in enhancing the look of the game making it quite fun to play on a big screen. If you are thinking about playing it on a phone then you will surely see a lot of good colors and animations in it.

The horror game genre is something that has been receiving a lot of attention from the gaming community because more people are trying to play these games. The game The School – White Day is quite scary to play and has attracted a lot of gamers towards it. If you are into horror games then The School – White Day is something you should play. The strong storyline and great graphics are worth mentioning in the game.

The School – White Day MOD APK Download

Name The School – White Day
Last Updated
12 November 2020
Offered by
Requires Android
4.4 and up
Current Version
Category Games >Adventure

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How To Download The School – White Day Mod On Android Instructions

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  • Step 2: Turn On Unknown Sources As Above Image
  • Step 3: Click On Download Button above
  • Step 4: You Will Be Redirected To Our Download Page
  • Step 5: Download & Install The School – White Day Mod APK For Free
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Is the game The School - White Day APK available for free?

Yes, the game The School - White Day APK is available for free

Can we play The School-White Day on Microsoft Windows operating system?

No, The School - White Day APK is not available for Microsoft Windows operating system

How many downloads have been made for The School - White Day APK?

The game has been downloaded a total of 50,000 times

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