Who doesn’t like to play adventure video games? If you are a true gamer, this must be one of your favourite gaming genres. If you are looking for some different kind of adventure game, look no further than the White Door APK. It would enable you to experience a completely different style of adventure. The game is based on the memory of the protagonist of the game. Developed by Rusty Lake and distributed by Second Maze, this game marks the return of the developing company into the gaming industry, after years of being dormant. The developing company is usually noted for its game comprising of mouse clicks and unlocking the plot. Let’s find some more information about this different adventure video game. 

What is the White Door about? 

The game is a brilliant combination of an interactive quest, surreal situations, and a psychological thriller. It’s a cool adventure video game that is exciting and thrilling. The game’s protagonist is Robert Hill and he wakes up in a clinic, at the beginning of the game. The person suffers from a severe memory problem. What is the cause of the problem, what happened before awakening, and what would happen next is completely incomprehensible? Players will have to restore their memories and complete different tasks and challenges meanwhile. They have to gather hints and bring back his memories piece by piece. What they have to keep in mind is not to aggravate the current situation. So, gamers have to control the development of all events and not lose sight of the slightest details in the plot. 

In the process, gamers would also have to assist Robert Hill as he faces the strict rules of the hospital. He has started to feel depressed with this repeated life. Help him to find answers that might ease his pain and solve the mysteries. 

When the game was released, players and critics loved the variety of contents that it had to offer. The White Door is also available in a modded version. We have discussed it below. 

About the White Door APK 

The gameplay mechanics of the modded version are easy. It’s a simple click and unlocks the plot kind of game. However, your brain has to work hard to figure out how to solve puzzles and understand their implications. Firstly, players have to help Robert in performing daily activities like having breakfast, brushing his teeth, opening the windows, etc. Don’t skip checking the calendar every morning. Nurses in the game would ask your questions to see if you are treating Robert right. In the modded version, players get a chance to discover dreams of Robert through his dreams every day. Through the narration, players get all necessary information about the protagonist, like who he is, why is he suffering from this condition, etc. You will notice Robert’s eyes glowing every night. Aren’t you curious to find why? 

Besides solving puzzles to get further leads, players have to conduct medical tests for patients. To get the passwords of lockers, you need to search for more information related to Robert. It can be from anywhere- numbers on the desk, information from his patient card, or his memory left. 

The White Door Mod APK completely incorporates a different storytelling mechanism. While you play this game, your screen gets divided into small segments, including a screen that helps you to monitor the whole room. There’s another display with the details of all objects you interact with. With a series of rooms appearing on the screen every day, the game is bound to evoke curiousness among players. They would look for answers. However, it would only be revealed at the end of the game. For instance, Robert’s room is always being watched by someone. No one knows who this person is or why is he following Robert. The identity of the person is anonymous. It would only be revealed at the game’s end when Robert would slowly recall his lost memories and remember who he is. Every day, the room’s ambiance in the modded version is different. Get ready to come across completely unexpected events and series. 

Features of the White Door Mod APK 

Now that you have come across the game’s gameplay, let’s go through the game’s features. Rest assured that the features of the modded version are enhanced and improved. Let’s go through some of them below: 

  • Precise camera angles 

The modded version features a raised camera angle, allowing players to see the main character from a distance. There’s a second close-up panel that balances the claustrophobic feeling with a better view of what the protagonist is doing inside the chamber. 

  • Improved soundtrack 

The story in the Mod APK version is narrated in scenes and words. It’s also told in the voice of the protagonist Robert. His voice is somewhat cold and scary, perfect to evoke tension and nervousness among players. The voice of Robert thus serves its purpose well. The background soundtrack is also haunting and fascinating. 

  • Graphics

The modded version features 3D graphics. It feels like the graphics of this game have been painted randomly on the paper. The black and white shades highlight the monotony and depression of Robert’s life. Colors represent his life. No memories, no emotions, and a hopeless future. 

Overall, the White Door Mod APK is a great game for anyone who’s looking for mystery-solving games. It’s a different kind of adventure game that wouldn’t make you feel bored. Although the background of the game remains mostly dark and not many horror scenes are included, the appeal of the game remains. When it was released, the game registered over 100 thousand installs from registered users. It’s the perfect game for you to play on weekends and enjoy. The game can easily be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or Apple store, anytime, anywhere. 

The White Door MOD APK Download

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Last Updated
30 January 2020
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Requires Android
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How To Download The White Door Mod On Android Instructions

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  • Step 4: You Will Be Redirected To Our Download Page
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On what devices is the White Door Mod APK compatible?

The game can be played on both iOS and Android devices.

Is the modded version available for free?

Yes, the Mod APK version is available for free downloads from the internet.

Is downloading the modded version safe?

Yes, the APK file of the White Door is safe to be downloaded. Just make sure the file is downloaded from a reliable site.

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