Handygames is the publisher which has created several successful editions of PC games that are shifted to Android. This is the police 2 is one such name that has been giving a greater amount of attention lately. It is from the category of detective games which have adventurous components. The best part of this game is that it became popular in a very short period amongst gamers from different parts of the world. 

What is the game? 

It is strategy-based adventure games that is set in the town of the cold border where crime and violence are present everywhere. The only thing to stop this is the police station of the town, and the player is supposed to take the control of police station. Is it done for punishing the criminals or for accusing innocent people, you have to decide on the entire thing. The players are supposed to deal with different criminal cases throughout the game. 

This game is the follow-up to the game that was launched three years ago. Till now, the count of followers is exceptionally high and the publisher is not fearful to give the gaming instructions in detail through different trailers. Generally, it won’t be very different from the gaming machine of the older versions of the game.

About This is the Police 2 Mod Apk 

In this version of the game, players don’t get the chance to fighting criminals all alone but it also uses a powerful police force. The players keep standing at the place of police personnel who have very high reach. Thus, you can simply coordinate with low-level police personnel to go on particular tasks, interrogate, incarcerate and investigate. The players get chances for making rigid decisions by themselves for achieving the best outcome of the work of justice and help in the imprisonment of the criminals. 

You will have to play the character of the police and make attempts to solve different cases. The story continues and leads to different knots that increase the predictability of the player. The storyline of the game is designed very neatly but develops different gaps because it will be declared through the viewpoint of many different characters. As you get the responsibilities of a police officer, you will have to get them all together for solving the case. The gameplay is amazing and it can keep the players immersed in the game for hours. 

Features of APK 

For those who are looking for an interesting game to play, this is the police mod apk can be an excellent simulation game to play. The best part of this game is the features that are offered. With the mod apk version of the game, you can find many added features which are not there in the basic version. So, let us take a look through its features:

  • Tactical battles 

In this version of the game, the players are criminals who are supposed to make use of a powerful police force. The players are appointed with a police stare which has very high connections. So, it can be really easy for you to check for the underrated police officers for coordinating some actions, bonds, and inquiries. The players are required to make tough decisions so that they can achieve the most reliable outcomes and the criminals get imprisoned. 

The storyline is charming, adventure-based and you have to make use of proper strategies. The combination of all these elements makes the gameplay even more exciting to the players. The game features tactical combat which can make the game even more interesting to play. 

  • Real time detective elements 

History will get into a new shape automatically when it will have its effect on a lonely and cold city where the people live alongside a river in partially urban areas. Violence is the place where everybody is known for their brutal history. The gang of smugglers starts screaming as the populists living there and the place which is considered as their homeland. The players will confront several challenges in various people and groups in their society. You need to understand whether they can spoil the criminals which resist the criminals. 

For doing this, you just have one thing that should never be done. This is shooting a policeman. However, the power doesn’t agree with the policemen because it is hated. You can find many realistic detective elements in the game which can make you play the game like a detective in the true sense. 

  • High-quality graphics 

The graphics featured in this game are excellent. You are going to enjoy playing the game with such graphics. These graphics work very smoothly and seamlessly. You don’t have to face any issues while playing the game. There are no lags or interruptions in the game. You can find the same graphics on any device you play the game. 

  • Unlimited money 

This is one of the most remarkable features of the mod apk version of this game. The players get unlimited money which is in the form of coins, currency, etc. This money can be used later in the game for making purchases and even upgrading your characters. So, with this is the police 2 mod apk game, you get unlimited money. However, you might have to finish the required tasks to get the money when you reach higher levels in the game. 

  • New weapons

Another significant feature of the mod apk version of this game is that it offers a lot of new weapons to fight with. Some weapons can be used for free whereas, for some, you need to accomplish the tasks and reach new levels in the game. Only then, you can use those weapons to fight with your enemies in the game.

Thus, this game is the perfect combination of strategy, puzzle, simulation, and management. It will help you in becoming closer to the criminal world. To be more specific, the game is truly amazing which has a fascinating storyline in which the player is supposed to be the protagonist. So, it is finally the time to play as a sheriff and reveal the crime scenes at Sharpwood. So, it’s time for you to download and play the game if you haven’t played it yet. Just make sure that the source from which you are downloading the game is reliable. 

This Is the Police 2 MOD APK Download

Name This Is the Police 2
Last Updated
March 4, 2020
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Requires Android
6.0 and up
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Category Games >Simulation

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Who is the publisher of this game?

This game had been published by Handygames.

Is the size of the game file too large?

The game file is moderate in size which means it is neither too large nor too small.

Do you need to root your device before downloading this game?

No, you need not root your device before downloading this game. You can play it just by downloading and completing the installation process on any device you want.

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