WarPods as the name suggests is an action game taking place in space. In this game, players can command their space team and monitor their activities. The game allows players to travel through endless galaxies, defeating enemies in their way. Are you ready to form a strong team of 3 characters and combine each of their characteristics and strategize the perfect combat plan? Are you brave enough to tactfully deal with your enemies, including vultures, pirates, and other terrifying animals? Play this exciting game and complete daily tasks to win an unlimited number of surprising rewards and items. Let’s continue to know more about WarPods Mod APK below. 

What is WarPods? 

Did you ever wonder being a universe hero would feel like what? If you are wondering how to make that dream come true, WarPods is the most appropriate game for you. It would cater to all your expectations and gaming fantasies, giving you a thorough gaming experience. 

The game is filled with the most basic contents. The game focuses on fighting against evil forces to protect the galaxy and universe. Marketed by the Malaysian publishing company, Weyrdworks Studio, WarPods has received global attention from players and critics. It rightfully combines two different genres, role-playing, and classic turn-based events. With the perfect blend of these two elements, the game is designed in the best way possible. Recently, the modded version of WarPods has come out. Let’s go through what the modded version has to offer to players. 

About WarPods Mod APK

Developed and distributed by the Weyrdworks Studio, WarPods is a fun interesting space video game, which has successfully incorporated RPG and turn-based combats skilfully. However, the modded version of this game is far more enjoyable than the official version. 

Firstly, the Mod APK version incorporates a cute image style in WarPods. The animations have been done precisely, with utmost detail. All these details and improvements have contributed to realistic universe battles in space with fast-paced mechanics. When you play WarPods Mod APK, your main task is to defeat or destroy the square blocks of enemies and protect the galaxy. Players take the role of the premium warrior and direct the army to fight. The characters are colourful and range from four-handed hackers to goldfish pirates. 

The combat scenes occurring in the modded version are quite fast. Players can’t get enough of this game. Players have to engage in the game and focus constantly. They need to use their hands to aim the shot at the bouncing balls. Their aim is to destroy all the balls on the screen. There’s no definite time limit for aiming. This gives players the freedom to try out different tactics before shooting the balls. 

However keep in mind, that direct aiming isn’t always the best thing to do. More strategic approaches are required. You must attack opponents constantly while charging your mana with skills. You can use power boosters as they will increase enemy damage. When you kill existing opponents, new ones would appear on the screen. If you are well aware of the game and know how to grab every opportunity properly, you can activate chain reactions and clear the entire screen with just one aimed shot. 

To make sure your shots are impactful, you must upgrade your weapons and character stats. With every progress you make, the battles become more intense. The mod version makes the upgradation easier by giving unlimited gold and diamond to every player. This is important because you need to invest in diamond or gold to upgrade your weapons and stats to improve their efficiency. 

Features of WarPods Mod APK 

WarPods Mod APK is no doubt an engaging battle worth fighting. Now that you have understood how interesting the gameplay mechanics of the modded version are, let’s go through some additional features that the mod Version offers. 

  • Lead your team  

Like you know, players have to command a team of heroes to defeat enemies in space and protect the galaxies. There are all sorts of warmongering space oddities you would come across. In your team, every member possesses some unique abilities. Combine their strengths and form a strategic combat style to defeat all existing enemies and proceed forward. Hence, choose wisely! 

  • Intense battles 

The battles in the modded version are more intense because there are additional features that players can make of. Just like the players are stronger in this version, so are the enemies. 

  • Plethora of challenges

The modded version brings innumerable challenges for players to perform. Thus, with so many varieties of content, the modded version is the storehouse of fun and excitement. 

  • Power boosters

Power boosters available in the modded version are useful for inflicting damage on enemies. They can heal any member of your group too! Thus, power boosters become an effective lifeline in intense battles. While your opponent tries its best to block your progress, power boosters might be useful in various regards. 

  • Turn-based role-playing game 

The modded version rightly incorporates the mixture of turn-based combats and role-playing elements. Hence, you have to tactfully deal with your enemies and come up with suitable strategic combat styles. 

WarPods Mod APK presents to you a different style of game. The graphics are stable and attractive. It would not be wrong to say that the High-quality graphics certainly enhance the gaming experience of all players. You don’t have to spend too much time understanding the game. The game controls are easy and compressible. If you download WarPods Mod APK, you definitely wouldn’t regret playing the game. 

If you haven’t got the game yet, grab the modded version now and enjoy! 

WarPods MOD APK Download

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17 August 2020
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Android 2.3
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Is the modded version of WarPods available for free?

Yes, people can download the modded version of this game for free from the internet.

On what devices can you download the game?

WarPods Mod APK can be downloaded on both android and iOS devices.

Where can you download WarPods Mod APK?

The game can be downloaded either from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

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