Who Dies First MOD APK is a popular puzzle game which was published under the banner of Stupid games. Who Dies First MOD APK requires a minimum of Android 4.1 operating system to run. The game is now running on version 1.1.8 and the last time it was updated was on 24th March 2020. Gamers are recommended to install the mod version also known as Who Dies First MOD APK of the game because this version offers no ads and unlimited keys to the gamers. 

This is a very funny puzzle game that has attracted a lot of gamers all across the globe. One thing that gamers need to keep in mind is the publisher’s name might be Stupid but the game surely is not. Who Dies First MOD APK is quite tough to play and has extreme brain-twisters in it. Who Dies First MOD APK is a game which is completely inspired by all the stickman characters that kids draw all the time. The minimum amount of storage space required to install Who Dies First MOD APK is 35 MB.

What is the Who Dies First?

Who Dies First MOD APK is a funny yet complicated game for people who are into puzzles and brain teasers. Each level of the game has a completely new story presented in quite a unique manner. The levels are filled with life and love stories and the whole experience is quite fun. The end goal of each level in the game is to answer a simple question which is who will die first. On each level, the way the characters die is very weird and gamers will surely laugh a lot. 

The gameplay of Who Dies First MOD APK is also quite simple. All gamers need to do is listen to the story at every level and predict the outcome. Gamers will have to guess the right person on every level so that they can go forward in the game. There is a time limit assigned on every level so players need to hurry up and guess the right outcome. Players will be collecting keys in different levels so that they can unlock new levels. As gamers go ahead in the game the difficulty level will keep on increasing.

About APK of the app

The Who Dies First MOD APK is quite a popular file and is available everywhere on the internet. The APK file consists of all the mods available for the game making it so much desirable amongst gamers. The APK of Who Dies First is divided into two modes which are the stupid mode and domino mode. The stupid mode is the easier version of the game meant for everyone whereas the domino mode is for pro-level players who have mastered the stupid mode. It is always fun to play domino mode every once in a while. The main reason why players love the Who Dies First MOD APK is that it is available for free and players can simply go ahead and install it on their android mobile phones. It is important to remove all the previous versions of the game from the mobile phone before installing the Who Dies First MOD APK file or else the mods will not be working.

Features of Who Dies First MOD APK

Since Who Dies First MOD APK has become so much popular here are some of the key features which make Who Dies First MOD APK so great.

  • Stupid boy mode

If gamers are looking for a mode that will help them relax, then this will be perfect for them. In this mode, players will be witnessing all the bad jokes and funny stories on every level. There are love stories of the Forever Alone storyline which makes it great. This mode makes sure that the logic is still present in such an entertaining mode.

  • Domino mode

This is the mode that helps gamers practice their logical thinking ability. The puzzles in this mode are quite difficult and not that easy to crack. This is a mode only recommended for pro puzzle solvers. The puzzles are all designed in a logical domino chain effect which will surely test the gamer’s mind in every step. 

  • Stickman Graphics

Graphics is something that makes this game so much desirable. Who Dies First MOD APK is a game, which does not have fancy graphics, but surely will turn some heads. The game is designed with 2D graphics and stickman figures making it look stupid yet fun. Who Dies First MOD APK is a very light game and surely the graphics will prove that.

  • Unlimited keys

This is probably the best feature of Who Dies First MOD APK because it surely brings the game to the next level. Since Who Dies First MOD APK is not an easy game to crack with help of unlimited keys gamers can unlock new levels anytime they want. The unlimited key function also helps gamers get hints on every level so that they are easily able to crack all the levels. Since all the modes are unlocked gamers will be able to play any level they want at any point in time.

 Not a lot of games are available in the market now which has such a great collection of puzzles like Who Dies First MOD APK now. The concept of Who Dies First MOD APK is unique which has made it so much popular amongst gamers of all age groups. If you are into puzzles and you are looking for a game to keep yourself busy then Who Dies First MOD APK is the answer. The game will surely keep you entertained and also test your brain at the same point in time. If gamers are playing this game regularly it will surely boost their logical skills. Overall Who Dies First MOD APK is a must-play game for everyone because it will surely help boost everyone’s thinking skills. The game is quite a stress buster with all its stupid storylines on every level.

Who Dies First MOD APK Download

Name Who Dies First
Last Updated
24 March 2020
Offered by
Requires Android
4.1 and up
Current Version
Category Games >Arcade

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How To Download Who Dies First Mod On Android Instructions

  • Step 1: Go To Settings > Security > Unknown Sources
  • Step 2: Turn On Unknown Sources As Above Image
  • Step 3: Click On Download Button above
  • Step 4: You Will Be Redirected To Our Download Page
  • Step 5: Download & Install The Who Dies First Mod APK For Free
  • Step 6: After Completing The Installation You Can Enjoy the Who Dies First Mod For free


Is Who Dies First MOD APK available for the android operating system?

Yes Who Dies First MOD APK is available for the android operating system

What is the minimum android operating system requirement for installing Who Dies First MOD APK?

The minimum android operating system required to install Who Dies First MOD APK is Android 4.1

Does this game run without a proper internet connection?

Yes, Who Dies First MOD APK runs without any internet connection.

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