Developed by Glu Games, Zombies Ate My Friends is a game released in April 2013. If you are an active gamer, you would know that zombie games have always been popular among gamers. Getting a new zombie to get added to the list would only enhance their excitement. If you are willing to play Zombies Ate My Friends, download it now enjoy this fun game! To know what Zombies Ate My Friends has in store for you, continue to read below. 

No matter what, we always need friends who would stand by us in times of our hardships. They are the ones with who we share our secrets and weaknesses. At the same they, we let them humiliate us, within being bothered. That’s what makes the bond interesting. What would happen to you if one day they are eaten by zombies? How would you feel? Continue to read below to know how you can prevent zombies from capturing your friends. 

What is Zombies Ate My Friends? 

While you were escaping from the attack of zombies, you find a helicopter with a pilot who has lost his girlfriend. Here begins a fascinating story of the protagonist where they both begins their search for the lost person. To make sure you stay safe, find guns. You can also buy them, to be prepared for any attack. If you help survivors while venturing out in the unknown land, they would return the favour. 

To know more about this exciting game, continue to read below. 

About Zombies Ate My Friends Mod APK 

The game surprisingly has a modded version that offers additional features and elements to players. Thus, the modded version is more enjoyable than the official one. If you are willing to know more about the modded version, continue to read below. 

Zombies Ate My Friends Mod APK is a role-playing action video game where players have to develop and upgrade their characters through a variety of missions and equipment. You can buy different items like shoes, hair, hats, clothes, etc. And personalise your character accordingly. Besides upgrading your character, you mustn’t forget to buy the most effective weapons to kill zombies. 

Had it been the original version, players would have had to earn a dollar and the golden skull by completing specific tasks. Then only they would have been able to buy the best weapons. The modded version of the game eliminates all these hassles. It offers unlimited dollars to every player. Now, with the modded version, you can customise your character and buy effective weapons anytime. 

The gameplay of the Mod APK version of Zombies Ate My Friends is easy. On the screen, there are blue arrow keys that help players to control the movement of characters in the game. There are some additional virtual keys for players to take necessary actions if required, for instance, the phone to call for help or handbook to see what’s to be done next. When your plane is malfunctioning and failing, your mission is to get the gather the necessary items and save as many people as you can. Needless to say, zombies are everywhere. Red arrows would assist you in finding places where people are unsafe. Be careful of zombies because they can eat you up anytime. The game has an open-world environment, allowing players to explore the place over time gradually. However, your priority should be to protect yourself. 

Now that you have understood the gameplay, let’s go through its features below.  

Features of Zombies Ate My Friends Mod APK

Besides incorporating the excellent plot, developers have also added functionality and a huge range of weapons in the game. Apart from these, there are several other interesting features available in the modded version. Let’s go through some of them below. 

  • Unlimited dollar 

Unlike the official version, the modded version offers an unlimited supply of dollars using which you can make all necessary in-game purchases. The availability of the price for free makes the modded version tougher and more intense. 

  • Different weapons at the disposal

The modded version allows players to use special techniques, money, collect energy, capital, and extra ammunition. Each zombie has a health indicator and is different from another one. The game offers an extensive selection of weapons to choose from. 

  • Impressive graphics

The Mod APK version incorporates high-end graphics. There are different shades of colours, which makes the environment looks colourful and vibrant. The characters are quite funny but attractive. 

  • Maximum energy level

To move and take action against the zombies, players have to have a minimum amount of energy. The energy keeps increasing as you progress through the game. However, this isn’t the case with the modded version. Usually, players have high energy levels, thus being able to perform any kind of action they want. 

The game incorporates hundreds of missions, dozens of items, and regards and challenges for players. Zombies Ate My Friends also allows players to customise their characters, during the game and offers endless possibilities. The game is filled with an interesting plot and funny characters. All its aspects together capture and retain the attention of players to the fullest. Zombies Ate My Friends give a free ticket to all players to visit the region of Festerville. This town has a population of about 4206. However, surprisingly, you would notice that hardly does any human inhabit this region. They have mostly turned into zombies. If you wish to last till the end, you must find a place to hide, gather weapons and then fight against the last of the zombies. 

Zombies Ate My Friends MOD APK Download

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Requires Android
Android 2.3+
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How To Download Zombies Ate My Friends Mod On Android Instructions

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  • Step 4: You Will Be Redirected To Our Download Page
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On what platforms is Zombies Ate My Friends Mod APK compatible?

The modded version of the game is compatible across Android and iOS devices.

Is the Mod APK version of Zombies Ate My Friends safe?

Yes, the game’s entirely safe to be downloaded to your device.

Where can you download the Zombies Ate My Friends Mod APK game?

The modded version can be downloaded both from the Google play store or Apple Store for Android and iOS devices respectively.

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